"They say it's your birthday ... "

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 38 today.

Decided to post this picture of me because it was taken in the summer--quite the contrast from the wintry mix in the metro Boston area today.

For the last few months I've been going to the gym around 5:30 a.m., 5 days a week. When I arrived today the attendant swiped my membership card, and the first few notes of "Happy Birthday" played on her computer (a very cheery, techno version). Then I went to the second floor and hopped on one of the elliptical machines. Had to put in my age and weight to receive the appropriate workout for me, but today was the first day I put in 38 in my digital profile. Small reminders that I'm closer to the grave than the cradle.

Can't tell you how psyched I am about year 38!

I don't feel 38--I don't fear it, either. I feel more focused than ever. And I look as good as I ever have, if I do say so myself. My family has been a great source of support and inspiration, encouraging me to do whatever it is that makes me happy. In turn, I hope my happiness comes back to them in actions. Tough call when the two words I seem to use most around them are "no" and "stop." But I see more good things in my future, much of which is do to this little blog o' mine.

Today I have the day off from work and kids. The plan is to finish up the last few edits to the manuscript, and to write a prose for Poetry Thursday (yippee!). And I'll post pictures from the day later tonight.

However you celebrate (or not celebrate) Valentine's Day, here's wishing you a little poetry today.


Kamsin said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had/ are having a great day! (And the gym at 5:30, hats off to you!)
la vie en rose said…
hApPy BiRthDay! have a piece of cake for me! :>
Susannah said…
happy birthday love! hope you have a wonderful day xo
ecm said…
Happy, happy birthday to you!
G said…
Happy Birthday, January! Enjoy yourself. You do look wonderful!
Rethabile said…
Happy birthday and happy V day
Pink Granite said…
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Valentine's Day, too!!!
- Lee
...If I had one wish then it would be, A Happy Happy Birthday to you from me! *sings*
paris parfait said…
Wonderful photo, January! And I'm glad you're embracing this new year - you're in prime time, lady!
jillypoet said…
Happy Birthday! Cha cha cha! Here's to a great 38!
Sorry I missed your big day ~ hope you had a good one ~ lookin' good, January! :-D x
Anonymous said…
happy birthday! i love that you're feeling fierce at 38.

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