Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For me

Sometimes you need a little "sugar in your bowl," or a little Nina Simone in your day.

This made me smile. Enjoy!


bb said…
I remember this! It was used in an advert for Levi's jeans (I think...) and it first turned me on to Nina when I was about 14 (many moons ago...)
Too cute!
chiefbiscuit said…
Hi Jan - Have enjoyed catching up! Great stuff.
Wishing you luck with that manuscript - you're always thinking - I'm sure that is what is going to get you there in the end - and of course that big heart of yours!
January said…
CB, thanks for the support! I'm hoping that the hard work will pay off in the end. You and so many other blogging poets and writers have been such an inspiration.
paris parfait said…
Thanks for this! I once got to see Nina Simone sing at a little club in New York. What an amazing talent!
paris parfait said…
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