Murder Unscripted

For all of you Law & Order Fans out there, enjoy!

Hope the writers' strike ends soon.


bostonerin said…
Hysterical. Absolutely hysterical.

I love L&O--especially SVU--and am living in fear of a year of reruns and reality TV if this thing doesn't end soon.

On the flip side, I'll probably get more writing done WITH the strike on...
Catherine said…
Over here we are getting new episodes of all sorts of shows in the next few weeks - Greys Anatomy, Men in Trees etc - does that mean that the writers aren't on strike here? Or are we just a season behind? (No doubt the latter).
Maybe when the strike ends we'll just rush to catch up and not have to endure too much bad reality TV.
Catherine said…
Oh, I also have to say when I saw the beginning of the clip it made me think of Cluedo "Miss Scarlett in the library with a spanner"

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