Confession Tuesday

If you're participating, let me and Carolee know.

  1. As the country honored MLK Jr., I went to Starbucks. It's not unusual for me to come once a week as my time away from the kids. But yesterday the place was overrun by college students and moms with their kids. Not a very good place to reflect and remember.
  2. I did wonder how many people thought of Monday as a day off vs. remembering Dr. King. Not a judgement—just a thought.
  3. Last night I watched most of the democratic debate in SC. Talk about contentious! I was so riveted by the discussion I was afraid to move from the TV for fear I'd miss something. It's clear that all three candidates are passionate about serving this country. And while I'm a Hillary supporter, I'd support one of the other candidates if they receive the party's nomination.
  4. Pats. Super Bowl. 18-0. Need I say more?
  5. The kids start a new day care today. While we're sad to leave behind the old day care, this one should keep them happy and safe. So now we can start getting our routines back on track.
  6. Beginning to read Zami by Audre Lorde. Fascinating.
  7. AWP. January 30. Need I say more?
  8. Oh my goodness … the Oscar nominations came out and I forgot to watch them. Drat. Must look over the list. More later.


Goodnight, Mom said…

This is hilarious. See my first note on my "confessions". :)

susan said…
I have Zami on my tbr list. Would love to hear what you think about it. I just started, The Cancer Journals and I am awestruck by Lorde's intellect and writing.

I've had a very busy morning so I'm behind getting my post up.
Anonymous said…
I would like to confess. How do I let you and your friend know...other than mentioning it here? Do I need to sign up somewhere?

I cringed this weekend that, as you said, for so many people it was just an excuse for a holiday. I want to keep a hopeful heart, it's hard sometimes. I thought about MLK during a visit to a homeless shelter this week. I had listened to one of his speeches on my way to work one morning that had to do with our responsibility to one another. He talked about the "height and breadth" of a life. He equated the height with our spiritual reaching out and breadth with how much we reach out to one another. As I talked with the folks at the shelter I remembered my own time on the streets and thought how much it impacted my life when people were willing to reach out. But I also thought how tragic that we still have a culture that seems so callous. And I could not help but notice how many women and people of color were present in that shelter. Their numbers said volumes, not about them, but about how far we still have to go.
...deb said…
My first confession:

Thanks for the nudge.
Anonymous said…
confession: i'm so glad the writers strike has squashed all those award shows. :)

i was thinking about how my own celebration of MLK day has changed. i worked a while for the MLK institute for non-violence and also for the Urban league. my experiences with the commemorations were life-changing and really affirmed the seams and connections i felt in the world. but then this week/this year, i spent three hours at jeepers for my son's birthday party. i spent three hours recovering from jeepers. the holiday only briefly crossed my mind. i realized how quickly daily life ushers us away thinking about the way we want the world to be.

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