Sunday Scribblings: The Date

When I think of what is happening in the world today, specifically what happened on this date, January 12, 2008, some of the news stories are simply inexplicable.

Was there any good news? If so, please tell me. These some of the headlines on

  • Arrest warrant issued in death of pregnant Marine
  • Body found of kid thrown off bridge
  • Autopsy: Figure skating star's death a mystery
  • Hiker's death casts light toward other cases
  • Misbehaving kids dumped at fire station
  • Father sought in girls' deaths

Again, where was all the good news today? Even my local news was plagued with stories of abuse, accidental deaths, child abuse, foreclosures, and immediate layoffs for teachers.

Please, share some good news from your corner of the world.


chiefbiscuit said…
I am so with you on this - the world can be such a shocking place. Yet there is good news ... we just need to keep reminding ourselves that the good far outweighs the bad - just we don't get Press on it.
That's what i love about blogging. Bloggers love to share the good news and hallelujah for that.
For sometime now, there has been mob violence against women in all the major cities of India. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore etc etc. Helpless females being molested by a crowd of 20 or so. It is kind of horrific. We used to tell girls that there is safety in munbers. Now what do we tell them?

Even my mom has started to worry for me again. She insists that I don't stay up late. I can't really blame her for saying so..
Sherry said…
Sadly, it seems that the world feels only negative, destructive, sad news "sells". Celebrity hounding and bare all news about those in the public eye.

I couldn't agree more...why can't we have more of the uplifting and positive news? It just seems no one bothers to let us know.

Excellent thoughts.
Karen Travels said…
I wrote a post about that hiker last, so sad.

But the good news here in Charlotte is that we have been receiving rain, which is great because we are in a severe drought!!
susan said…
Hi January,
I have a fond memory to share. Good news is I chose a date as in meeting and not current events.

Good news: I'm meeting with a group of young women shortly and we're all about uplifting, supporting and empowering one another. We'll be writing and sharing our thoughts. Voice is powerful.
Thunkful said…
I googled a little, and found this:
(only good news!)

I'd prefer to see the good AND the bad together, as in real life. Instead, all the big news orgs make us look at the world through crap-tinted glasses.
Catherine said…
Good news - firstly, two Australian kayakers finally made it across the Tasman after 62 days (quite a bit longer than they planned). A student is throwing a bigcharity fund raising party instead of a traditional birthday party and farewell bash for her friends travelling overseas.
The biggest news here over the last few days has been the death of Sir Edmund Hillary, I wouldn't normally count a death as good news but the celebration of all that he achieved in his life both as an explorer and humanitarian is amazing.

Of course, "mother hugged her child today" doesn't really sell newspapers.
January said…
Catherine, I did hear about the kayakers. And as a bit of a kayaker myself I thought that was great news!

Yes, too bad moms and dads hugging kids is not newsworthy.
January said…
Hi Thunkful. I'm such a skeptic that I had to question the link. But yes, it looks like good news abounds on this site. Thanks for passing it along.

Renee said…
I agree that the news is just horrific. I wish they would make an attempt to report good news, but it seems like just one bad story to the next... here's a positive story I found...
January said…
Susan, enjoy the workshop. Nothing like having a community of writers around to help shape your work.

Sherry, don't even get me started on Britney Spears.

Karen, good news about the rain. We're getting snow in the overnight hours. Now, if we get a snow day that will be good news.

Gautami, that's incredible. I still think there's safety in numbers but what you're describing is horrible.

CB, I never thought about it that way but bloggers love to share good news. The blogosphere is probably the only place where parents hugging kids (Catherine's point) translates into good news.
January said…
Renee, that's a cool story. Thanks!
Herb Urban said…
Good news doesn't bring in ratings or sell ad space. The local newscasts are the worst. If they have shocking video, they'll show just about anything even if it isn't happening anywhere near by. I find myself getting my news from foreign sources. It might not be any more uplifting, but it is not owned and operated with corporate interests at heart.
keith hillman said…
Unfortunately good news doesn't sell papers! My good news is that I have a day off work tomorrow!
Tammy said…
I've read this stuff recently and wondered what the heck is going on. Sad commentary.
tumblewords said…
Our local rag and TV news gather horrors from around the takes dedication to find the hometown good.
It stopped snowing here for a few days and that's GOOD news for me.
All the "bad news" leaves me sad, horrified and, if I am not careful, cynical about humanity.

Good news: A mom and her 18 month old baby who had been homeless have found permanent housing and she will start a new job next week. Her relief and hapiness filled me up!

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