Creating a PAP

It's not what you think—no medical test involved!

This is my new term for 2008, a Poetry Action Plan, or PAP for short. I'm at a point where I need to start thinking strategically about getting my poems into mainstream poetry channels. So for now, consider this an enhanced version of my to-do list. Much of what I do here will morph into a marketing plan for my book.

January 2008 PAP

  1. Write a poem, and visit my I Promise blogsters. (Ugh—It's been a long week. Still, no excuse for bagging out on Thursday.)
  2. Continue to write a poem a week.
  3. Send out poems to two publishers/journals. During the past four months, I've sent out poems to 10 journals, and received five rejections. So now it's time to get on the bandwagon again and start sending out again. Ugh.
  4. Enter the "Discovery"/Boston Review Poetry Contest. Normally, I don't enter contests. But I have a good feeling about this one. Of course, I usually have the same good feeling when I buy a lottery ticket. *sigh*

  5. Write an article for two Web sites. This one has been hanging around for a while.

  6. Set up readings in the Boston/Cambridge area. This is new territory for me. I mean, I've never been this proactive about contacting venues and networking on my behalf.

  7. Get ready for AWP. I'm really looking forward to meeting many poets and writers from the blogosphere. And, it will be nice to reconnect with Cave Canem and Kundiman fellows. At least this year I feel I have a new story to tell.
  8. Pick dates for upcoming New & Emerging Writers Series (NEWS) readings.

  9. I still have trouble reconciling the fact that poetry is a business, and if I want get my poetry out there, I have to work for it. But I enjoy putting my marketing skills toward something as worthwhile as poetry.

    So, do you have goals for your creative projects? If so, please share.


Unknown said…
I love all of your lists that you post here. They inspire me to get moving too.
Rethabile said…
Don't have concrete goals as such, but I must write regularly, at the same time every day, and I must read regularly, at the same time every day. About once a month I must send poems out to mags. And this last bit is what I haven't been able to keep up. That's a robust list you've got there. That AWP sounds like a blast. A happy and productive 2008 to you.
January said…
Sending poems out is, by far, the hardest thing on the list. But like you I seem to do well with some sort of routine. Helps me feel like I'm moving forward with small steps.

Wishing you much poetry in 2008.

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