Scenes from a Slow-Moving Train

Big ups to my boss for suggesting I take the train. Haven’t done this in years, and I’m enjoying that the seats are mostly empty. It’s quiet. I even dozed off a bit.

I’m traveling to New York City to begin the mayhem that is AWP. Just a few quick thoughts while in transit.


I’ve gotten the impression from a few blogs that if you’re a recognizable poet, attending an AWP conference is a necessary evil. It's good to see and be seen. If you’re established, everyone wants something from you: an autograph, the meaning of life, how to get published, etc. I think most well-published poets enjoy visiting with their peers and hearing from “fans” most of the time. But it’s almost like a task instead of a fun few days. Too bad for them.

Me? I enjoy being a fan of poets and poetry in venues like this. Similar to the Dodge Festival (but on a lesser scale), the poets are really accessible. You can be in a session and ask a poet whom you’ve read for years what it was like to write a particular poem. No one knows me, so I can lurk and gawk and gush all I want—and post about it later.

Unfortunately, I won’t have a chance to respond to your posts this week.But keep posting—I read them all. Photos tomorrow.


Tonight, I’m off to the Cave Canem fundraiser. Here are the details:

10 PM
2nd Annual Cave Canem Fellows Reading
The Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, New York, New York
$10 cover charge.

Fellows Michelle Berry, DeLana Dameron, Jacqueline Johnson, LaTasha Nevada Diggs, Krista Franklin, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Richard Hamilton; Myronn Hardy, Randall Horton, Marcus Jackson, Amanda Johnston, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, January O'Neil, Ernesto Mercer, Dante Micheaux, Indigo Moor, Nicole Sealey, Shia Shabazz, Evie Shockley, and Bianca Spriggs take a poetry marathon to New York City's literary hot spot!


A piece of good news: Crab Orchard Review accepted one of my poems! Now that's how you kick off the AWP, baby!

More on Thursday.


Kelli said…

I'll be in that same COR issue with you!
J said…
Have fun!
bostonerin said…
Oh YAY!! Congratulations!

Crab Orchard is AWESOME.

You are kicking ass and taking names, my friend--Future Poet Laureate.

Enjoy celebrating your success!
betty said…

psst...I live near SIU! small world.
Catherine said…
Congratulations! And have a great time at AWP
Goodnight, Mom said…

Congratulations!!!!!!! That is just terrific!

Can't wait to see pics. Hey, would you please try to get the autograph of that pinoy poet, Joseph Legaspi? He's a rockstar!

I hope you are having fun and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Nic Sebastian said…
Woohoo, for you! And thanks for blogging AWP!


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