Confession Tuesday

I am nervous about tonight's reading--always happens before an event. But I have to say I'm much less nervous than in the past because I did a few readings in '07. I have no clue which poems I'll read tonight but, somehow, it will be OK. Maybe I'm becoming more Zen in my old age.


The article in The Salem News was a pleasant surprise. And now I'm focused on using this great press to connect with other venues in the Boston area and connecting with other area writers. This is an exciting time and I feel more energized about poetry than ever!


At the end of the month, I'll attend the AWP conference in NYC. I'm really looking forward to this trip, not only because it's a great opportunity to be in the heart of the poetry community, but I'll spend some much needed me-time with friends talking about poetry, and eating and drinking in a city I love.


Cannot believe the New Hampshire primary is here. I'm a Hillary supporter, but, quite frankly, I could be happy with any of the democrats.


Saw the movie Juno over the weekend. Excellent film--I highly recommend it. Funny, but I could relate more to the yuppie couple of Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner than the semi-cool kids in Juno's high school.


It's supposed to get to 60 degrees today. Finally, a break from the single-digit temps of late.


Is it too early to eat chocolate pudding? I mean, it must be noon somewhere in the world.


susan said…
I look forward each week to reading your Tuesday confessions. May I join and may I share with others in your group?
Good luck tonight. You'll be fine.
January said…
Sure! I don't know if we have a group, but Carolee at Polka Dot Witch started them and I thought it was a great idea. Maybe it should be a group.

Thanks for the kind words.
KieKay said…
My friend the actress says to imagine your audience is sitting there naked. Or, look over their heads.

You'll do fine!
~ said…
It's never too early for chocolate pudding-- it's in the dairy group--milk, yogurt, chocolate pudding--completely acceptable!

Have a great reading and let us know how it goes!
KieKay said…
BTW, this is me, Pepek...I just set my friend up a Blog of her own. She is new to blogging, but I think (hope) it will help her to find some new friends and give her a new place to put her mind, away from her grief.

Drop her a welcome, when you can.
laundrygirl said…
Wishing you well tonight! Break a leg!
As for the pudding - well... I think you deserve it.
Goodnight, Mom said…

You'll do great! I'm so sorry I can't be there!

Go for the pudding!

JimK said…
Yay! Wonderful reading.

It was a great reading at
the Frost hoot tonight, January!
You should try the Portsmouth
hoot, too. I think you stand
an excelent chance at featured
poet there! You would
wow the crowd. On target.
If you aren't featured, beware:
you need to be there well ahead of
the 7pm start's a big
(if very warm)crowd.


--Jim K.
January said…
Thanks for the tip, Jim. It was a pleasure hearing your work last night.
January said…
Thankf for the kind words, everyone.

I didn't have pudding yesterday, but definitely plan to have it tomorrow. Ooooh ... I'll post a picture for the blog. The pudding at the campus center is pretty good.

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