Confession Tuesday

So many confessions … so little time! Be sure to let me or Carolee know about your confessions.

Goodnight Mom has hers up on her blog.

Here we go:

  1. AWP. AWP. AWP. I'm looking forward to this on so many levels, but none more important than I need a break from my kids. I love them dearly, and when I think about missing out on days and days of kisses I well up with tears. HOWEVER, parenting is hard, and sometimes it's best for all to step back and recharge those batteries.

  2. My husband and I now have this ritual where one of us makes tea for the other before we climb into bed together. I'll definitely miss that!

  3. I owe him big time for letting me have this time away.

  4. Back to AWP, I believe this is my fourth conference. I've always learned a lot from attending sessions, talking with fellow poets, and milling around the book fair for new publications. But having a book deal takes things to a whole 'nother level (my husband HATES that phrase). I feel like I have a seat at the poetry table, so to speak.

  5. That's not to say that I wouldn't have a good time if I didn't have a book in the works. It's just a different experience for me.

  6. I'll be staying with Joseph Legaspi, which is half the fun right there.

  7. The one must-do thing while in NYC is to go dancing. Don't want to go clubbing. But if I can find a retro bar that plays Rob Base's "It Takes Two" and Young MC's "Bust a Move," STAND BACK! I'm breaking out the Wop!

  8. While I'm sad not to see Jim, I'm thrilled to finally meet Melissa on Thursday!

  9. And while all of this is great, I'm a bit mournful because I will be there without my dear friend Phebus Etienne. She passed away last year, and the last time I saw her was at the Atlanta AWP conference in March. 2008 should have been her year, not mine.

  10. Go PATS!!!


susan said…
I know you're going to have a great trip. I'd miss my kids and mate, too, but oh are you going to have fun!

Can't wait to hear about your trip on your return.

My confessions are up.
Anonymous said…
i am an advocate for my time away from my kids. i have a bit of a reputation for it among my other mom friends. but it's OK. i know what i need to do to take care of myself and to stay whole -- and i have a mate who helps me find this time.

i'm sorry you'll be without your friend this year. i know you know this, but here's what i tell my kids: "it's not bad to miss someone -- it's a sign of how much you loved them, how much they brought to you. it's how you hang on to those gifts."

p.s. i'm wearing my tom brady jersey as i respond to your confessions. :)
January said…
I think we're blogging soulmates, Carolee.

Thanks for your kind words about Phebus--I neede to hear them.

Next year, you'll have to come to AWP to see what it's all about.


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