Stretched Thin

My like my husband's damaged ACL, which will require surgery in a few weeks (*sigh*), I am stretched a little thin right now. Between tweaking the manuscript and the upcoming AWP conference, I haven't been able to write a poem, nor have I wanted to.

Ideally I like to start a poem early in the week and post it on Thursday. But this month's poems I have written and posted within a few hours. So I may attempt to write one this weekend, or wait and write a poem on my train ride down to NYC (no Fung Wah for me this year!). However, I'm kinda looking forward to taking a mini-break. Needless to say, my blog posts will be sporadic over the next few days.

To my I Promise Blogroll partners in crime, I'll visit everyone today.

And starting next Thursday, I'll bring you as many of the sights and sounds of the AWP Conference as my little laptop will allow.


bostonerin said…
Sorry to hear about Tim's ACL and impending surgery. Perhaps we need to start a support group for Writer Wives of Injured Husbands. : ( Oh, wait, we're already in that support group.
JimK said…
A scheme I use:
---take book, pick page
---pick one word, each line (column)
---do others, 2nd book / column
Insert words to try and make sense. Do 3-4times,more replacing/swapping. Like a ouija board, your story may
rise. Then do what you like.
The contortions up front often make
new hook phrases or metaphors.
...just a crazy idea..
JimK said… was about time,
not the muse. Just carry
jotting paper for the
lightning. There's time
later. The Po world is
massive...takes time.
January said…
Thanks Jim. I'll have to give it a try. Not a bad idea to spur my writing.
January said…
Thanks Erin. We may need to for a support group for us! Oh wait, we call that blogging.
Ananda said…
january, i love your posts. you are so authentic. and then you also educate me. i enjoyed the king center post. i learned about awp for the first time. i am going to join this year. have a great trip to nyc. enjoy the conference. i look forward to reading what you learn. peace and poetry, ananda
January said…
Ananda, if you're interested in the AWP conference, look through my archives at the end of March 07 for last year's photos and posts.

That will give you a sense of what's going on. And I'll be posting from the conference starting Thursday, I think.

Thanks for the kind words.

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