New Poem

The Yard Dreams

I’ve been thinking about love,
old love. Not “sunshine on a cloudy day”

love, or love like a Nor’easter,
with its thunder crack that splits

the heart wide open, snaps
its flag back and forth

in a mean wind,
but love at rest

because the days are too short
and the sky pulls

its grey flannel blanket over us,
while the occasional snowflakes

fall like displaced stars
resting on the window

of the skin. Meanwhile,
the yard dreams of spring thaw:

the ground filled with unbroken buds,
and enough love to save us all.


Cloudscome said…
I really love those last two lines. So hopeful on such a cold day!
writerwoman said…

Could you stop by PWB and let me know how your I Promise Blogroll is going. This is your chance to change groups, drop out, or just confirm to me that your are happy on the list you currently belong to. Please let me know.

J said…
It's cool to see a poem about love and a weather metaphor that takes it to a different direction. I love your unusual descriptions too, especially the sky/flannel blanket one.
GreenishLady said…
I like the earthiness and unsentimentality of this... and the line where "occasional snowflakes fall like displaced stars" caught me somehow.

Very beautiful.
susan said…
I love your word choices, images, form and the progression of the lines. I would have loved to have seen this from conception to final draft.
Deirdre said…
"love at rest" - This line gave my heart a gentle pat. This poem speaks to me of promise and comfort.

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