Confession Tuesday

So Carolee and I are making these Confession Tuesdays a "thing." If you're interested in confessing whatever it is you feel like confessing, let us know. Go to Carolee's blog and leave us a note. The purpose is to spark the creative process, or, in my case, unclutter the mind. If you decide to revisit your confessions for a poem or an essay, let us know.

Blah Blah Blah … here we go:

  1. The snow day on Monday gave me a chance to catch up on some outstanding pobiz stuff I've been working on. Things I didn't have to think about when writing the book: cover art, back-cover blurbs, book readings. It's all very fun and very scary. Be careful what you wish for.
  2. Anyone keeping up with politics? On the Dems side, I'm a little sick of the race discussion. Hillary's comments were taken out of context. I'm even more tired of the media keeping the discussion alive. The candidates want to debate the issues, so let them have at it. Tonight's debate on MSNBC should be issues-based with Tim Russert around. As for the Republicans, I don't think we'll have a clear frontrunner until after "Super Duper Tuesday" on February 5.
  3. I love politics. I think it can be one of the noblest professions to undertake. Wish it was my calling, but alas, I am a poet. That's my calling.
  4. My other calling is to motherhood. My kids are goofy. That's not really a confession—just a fact.
  5. Anyone who says that it doesn't take a village to raise a child obviously does not have kids. We've been looking for a home-based day care provider for Alex and Ella for weeks. This process takes time. I get it—we just can't leave them with anyone. I hope we find a solution soon because the process is draining and disruptive to our work schedules.
  6. I just had an "everything" bagel, and even after brushing I have a terrible onion/garlic breath. Sorry coworkers.


susan said…
Poets are activists. The personal is political, and I'm so there with you on the media and the campaigns. How about we behave like literate, politically aware and responsible citizens and focus on the issues? Don't get me started.
~ said…
I'm in for Confession Tuesday...
January, I adore the snow pictures, and thank you for the article on self-publishing. I have just done a poetry book (mostly it was for my kids) of my Pepek stuff. At this point in my life, I could spend years I don't have sending out manuscripts and waiting, etc etc--and I CONFESS here that I used to look down my nose at people who self-publish-- but I am beginning to change my mind. Now I have something to show to friends, to give my kids, etc. And they did a pretty good job with it, I think.

Come over and take a look!
The work on your book sounds so exciting - and I sure do understand the fear thing!

Politics - I just have to ditto, ditto, ditto everything Susan said.

I have joined in the confessions (even though a part of me is still echoeing with "Noooooooooooooooooooo!)
Goodnight, Mom said…

I did mine today.

January said…
Kristi, and everyone--

Thanks for participating. I've been reading your confessions and I have to say, you ladies are a cheeky group! Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
everything bagels are the best. don't apologize for them. :)

thanks for being my very responsible partner in confession tuesday. :)
Writer bug said…
Intersting that you so admite politicians. I tend to think of it as one of the least admirable professions. But what do I know?

Oh, and I'm checking my calendar regarding brunch! Good idea!
susan said…
Cheeky, me? How kind of you. lol Thanks for letting me join you for Confession Tuesday.
Ananda said…
january, i love coming to your blog. i get a wonderful taste of poet's living. the confessions are truly souletry - poetry from the soul. i said the same thing about kimberely's confessions. the snow photos of your children were heartwarming. i loved and needed to read the madeleine albright quote and publishing story about an author who was persistent. many blessings. peace and poetry, ananda

ps: enjoy the book publishing process.
susan said…
Happy Friday!

Please join us at The Last Piaster. Our aim is to present writing exercises designed to sharpen old poetic tools and provide you with new ones. New piasters will be posted on Sundays. Periodically, we’ll ask permission to share your drafts.
Christy said…
i know it's not tuesday but I have a confession to make if you'll allow me to participate. It's long overdue

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