Cave Canem Reading

Wednesday night, Cave Canem held a fundrasier at the Bowery Poetry Club. Hosted by Amanda Johnson, the event was flawless--a great kickoff to the AWP sessions starting on Thursday. I read two poems, and even though there were around 150 people in the crowd (I don't think I've read to a crowd larger than 25), I did pretty well. Here are a few pictures from the evening--sorry they're so dark.

Amanda Johnson (host)

Evie Shockley


estich said…
Goodnight, Mom said…
Wow! Congrats, Jana!
Ananda said…
tyou sistalove january for posting so much info on awp. my dear sistalove yael was there representing split the rock, a dc based poetry event that will be happening in march. yael told me about the awp on tuesday when we had tea. i told her that i had learned a bit about it from my poetry sistalove january. so now i have two connections to awp. i love the fact that the new yorker editor alice quinn (sp?) honored cave canem. i think cc is wonderful. the poetry reading looked like it was so much fun. i hope to join awp and attend next year. that will be great bec. then i can connect with you and see you do your thang with the new book.....

keep sharing.

peace and poetry, ananda
January said…
Thanks Ananda. You should send it your work to Cave Canem if you're interested in the workshop.

And I wish I could attend Split This Rock. I went to a session about the panel and it sounds like it's going to be a groundbreaking event. Since you're a local poet maybe you can read at some of the venues.

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