Confession Tuesday

1. This is my daughter, Ella, with a new haircut—courtesy of her brother, Alex. She looks a bit mangy now. He cut a big patch of hair from the front. *big sigh* Alex was very professional about the whole thing. He got a towel and wrapped it around her neck to catch the hair. And after he was found out by his dad, he was extremely sorry for what he had done.

2. I’m pissed that it happened while Tim was watching the kids, and I’m having a hard time shaking it off. But I know he feels awful about it.

3. I know. I know. It’s hair, it grows back. We’ll take her to get it cut in a day or so and it will be fine. Meanwhile, Ella doesn’t care about it. She just loves her brother, which is how it should be.

4. I’ll get a poem out of this. *another big sigh*

5. On a brighter note, Natasha Trethewey is reading at Babson tomorrow. And I’ll have a little time to speak with her one-on-one. How cool is that?

6. I turn 39 on Thursday.

I think that’s enough for today. *really big sigh*


Anonymous said…
i love how you showed the hair cut incident to us from so many different attached stories: alex being professional, ella adoring him, your husband feeling guilty, you allowing him to feel guilty. :)
Kelli said…
RE: I’m pissed that it happened while Tim was watching the kids, and I’m having a hard time shaking it off. But I know he feels awful about it.

***When I was at a poetry lecture by Linda Bierds, my husband was "watching" (and I use the term loosely here) our 2 1/2 year old.

I came home to find my mom in my house and my husband and daughter in the emergency room because she has swallowed my silver Aztec sun medallion while she was playing with my jewelry box.

It took me a long time to shake that off. I was both angry at him that it happened (and completely blamed him for it), and then I felt guilty with myself for being out at a poetry event believing that if I was home it wouldn't have happened.

These types of things always freak me out because I say "what if, what if?"

I appreciate you sharing it and I am impressed with the professionalism of your son with the towel. Perhaps he has a future in hair design--really funky hair design. ;-)

I have yet to get a poem from my Atzec medal experience, though you may have inspired me to go back to it--it happened around Cinco de Mayo, so I thought that was kind of interesting. On the day the coin was finally "passed," my daughter was wearing a Mexican t-shirt my friend had given her. I still have the medallion and strangely, just last night, I pulled it out to look at in.

Anyway, I definitely understand how you feel on numerous levels. And I turned 39 last month and found it completely liberating. Weird, huh?

Take care!

January said…
I'm always playing the "what if" game. I'm just happy that Alex didn't hurt himself or Ella with the scissors.

Yes, maybe Alex has found his calling. But the next haircut he gives out should go to his father!

Glad your daughter was OK after swallowing the medallion. (Great, another thing I have to worry about!) It is interesting that you pulled it out last night of all nights.

And I'm looking forward to turning 39, I just never pictured myself at this age. In my head, I'm still 28.
bostonerin said…
Hey, almost birthday-girl...

consider the haircut a Family Rite of Passage. Luckily, everyone is okay and it grows back. It'll bring you a laugh later in life (and perhaps an extra flower or two from Tim on Thursday).

RE: feeling 28--I'm right there with ya, baby. Sadly, my younger sister turned 28 last week, so now she's officially "caught up" to me.
Catherine said…
I think absolutely every family has at least one child who gives another a haircut (except for single child families, maybe, but some of those try and cut their own). And yes, it frequently happens when mom is in the house!
As for age, I think I feel 39 or thereabouts. But I'm (gulp!) 56.
...deb said…
I love family haircut stories. (Think of the future retellings and how much mileage this one is going to get. Rich, very rich.) And yes, perhaps Tim gets the next one.

And PDW's point about using the entire perspective is terrific and fun. Put me in the room.

(Mom guilt runs so deep. I admire you all for dealing with it.)
jillypoet said…
happy early birthday! i, too, feel about 28. i'm 37. cool to have a birthday on valentine's day! there's a poem!

my son has given his sister numerous hair "trims." sophie has, in fact, given herself some. lucky for us, her hair is long and they are both timid cutters--never much if an issue. although i feel kind of superstitious saying that...

re: hubby's watching kids. when jude, my first was 2-ish, dean was in charge while i dried my hair. simple enough task, you would think. when i turned the dryer off, i thought, hmm...the house is quiet. then, the doorbell rang. a stranger with my son by the hand. he had opened the front door, in january, and was trotting down the snow lined street--alone. i was furious! thank god she didn't steal him, or report us! oohh...still mad!
Didn't you just HAVE a birthday??? Time flies! Happy Birthday!

These "haircuts" happen sooner or later to everyone, I think.

Thank you for your kindness. I will really miss my brother....
Writer bug said…
Happy early birthday! It's always nice when people share the not-so-happy sides of their life (ie, blaming husbands, naughty sons, etc). It makes me feel a lot better about the not-so-happy sides of my life!
Goodnight, Mom said…

Ella is beautiful no matter what. I can completely understand your being mad at Tim. It is different when Alex does something in a split second and when he takes the time to get a towel and cut her hair (or put on an apron and paint our walls red!)

I will admit, though, Jon and I got a good laugh at it, sorry. Just the thought process that went into that is great. Gotta love those boys!!

Happy Happy!!!

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