Borders Open-Door Poetry

Borders (the book-store chain) had created a sort-of interactive section on their site for poetry. Open-Door Poetry is a stylized video presentation on poets discussing poetry and reading their works. The series includes readings by Donald Hall, Paul Muldoon, Patricia Smith, and Mark Strand, yet most of the poets featured are "transformative" poets who do not fit the clichéd image of a poet.

There is a free poetry contest: the top five poems submitted in text and video will be published with Strand in a "Best of" collection. And you can get free poetry advice from Paul Muldoon. The site also has a blog, which, I believe, doubles as a space for freewriting.

Check it out!


Anonymous said…
Hi, since you write poetry, I was wondering if you want to post some of your work on my site. It would be an honor. Peace
January said…
Thanks for stopping by. I'd be happy to visit your blog.
Cloudscome said…
I just now read this and I am submitting poems today. Thanks! I linked you for this post.
Maya Ganesan said…
I've been following ODP for some time now - I got super-excited when the fifth episode came out a week or so ago.

I didn't know about the blog! Must go check.

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