Writer's Meme

A while back, Delia tagged me for a meme, an award of sorts. There are two rules that come with the award: 1. write three writing tips and 2. award three other bloggers.

So I wanted to respond, but instead of tagging (I don’t believe in tagging), consider yourselves tagged. Share some your writing tips either here or on your blog.

Three writing tips:

Make space in your life for writing.
This is key. When I do this, I am saying to my family this matters to me—respect my needs. Of course, it helps to have a husband who allows me to be selfish.

Besides writing in the late evenings and early mornings, I try to get out to Starbucks just to have some quiet time. I try to do these things as much as possible, without any expectation of writing a poem every time.

Know your community.
I mean this in a few different ways. It’s important to know what other writers are doing in terms of forms, subjects, and styles. So in additional to reading blogs and online journals, I read print journals and reviews, listing to poets read their works, and to maintain relationships with other local writers.

Do something daily toward your writing goals.
Whether you’re working on your manuscript or mailing out poems for publication, try to do something everyday toward your goal. Can’t tell you how many times I’d said, “I’ll get to it tomorrow,” and then nothing gets done. All of those seemingly small things matter. You can write in your journal, post on your blog, send a query e-mail, or share a poem you’ve just discovered with a friend.


Anonymous said…
i think that last one would really help me. i may have to try it!
Daily, daily, daily...yes! I am beginning to see how even the smallest baby steps can get you closer if you just keep taking them. I'm glad you "answered"...
Ananda said…
happy belated birthday january. 39 looks great on you. i love your child's new haircut. lovely. and the writer's suggestions were just what i needed. much peace and poetry to you, ananda

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