Confession Tuesday

(A "masqued" Joseph Legaspi and me.)

  1. See that photo—that’s what really goes on at AWP!

  2. Y’know how sometimes I just don’t have anything to blog about? Well not today! I have so much content that it's bursting out of me! Good information and commentary from AWP. I've had to restrain myself from posting everything in one day! But I have posts lined up for the next week, so you'll just have to wait and see what's coming up next.

  3. While at AWP, I came up with some great ideas for a new poetry collection and a potential anthology project, and well as discovering new journals to submit send poems.

  4. Yesterday, I met with a friend to discuss cover options for my book. Selecting artwork is an involved process because it’s become more of a marketing tool. I want a cover that compelling and impactful. It is a process that we should take our time with, yet I’m anxious because it means the book is really happening. I keep thinking my publisher will realize they selected the wrong manuscript. Oh heck, I have a contract. I’ve got to get that song of self-doubt out of my head.

  5. A really scary and sad moment happened while at lunch with my friend. An elderly man collapsed in the campus center where we work. He wasn’t seated near us but we certainly heard the screams. In a sense, I think he was lucky that it happened in such a public place because the paramedics arrived quickly and others were able to help. Still, it was a truly upsetting moment; I don't know if this man lived or died. Hope he’s OK.

  6. It’s Super Duper Tuesday. If you live in a primary state, go out and vote because it matters. I’m voting for Hillary but will be happy if Obama eventually gets the democratic nomination.
  7. Focusing on Super Tuesday has kept me from reflecting on the Pats Super Bowl loss. I still don't want to talk about football, mainly because I'm a baseball fan. Talk to me about pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training in a few days. But no Pats talk, please.


...deb said…
I can hardly wait to hear more about AWP. I think of you as my woman-on-the-AWP-street. Hope you don't mind.

Love the facial picture. But I am a little aggravated that you *still* look good with goo on your face :-)
susan said…
Looking forward to hearing more about AWP.

What a cutie, even with goo. Lucky girl.

My CT's up. Come on by. I got a blog makeover while you were gone.
Hehe. I'm voting for Obama but will be just as happy if Hilary gets the nomination.

Hey, who did your make-up? You guys are having just too much fun! Settle down!
Goodnight, Mom said…
I love that pic of you and JoJo!

Jana, we're going to miss spring training by ONE week when we're in Florida! Bummer!!!!

Can't wait to see the artwork for your cover!

Ok, I"m up in the confessional.

Happy Mardi Gras!
January said…
Too bad about Spring Break, KDB.

Happy Mardi Gras!
January said…
Pepek, I'm in the photo with my friend Joseph Legaspi.

For the record, we did our own facials.
Anonymous said…

I've visited your blog before, but this time it's because of Confession Tuesday.

How fun to be at AWP, with all those ideas for books and projects.Since I've never been to the conference, I'd love to hear about your experiences. Including the facials, or face paint!

I voted for Barak. I went with a gut feeling. But like you, I'll be happy if Hillary winds too. It would be kind of nice to see them run together.
Anonymous said…
confession: i want to follow in your footsteps. ... facial, AWP, journal research, book contract, cover considerations....

but where the NFL unites us, spring training comes between us. :)

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