Sunday Scribblings: Fridge Space

Here it is. The fridge.

1. In a weird way, I more feel comfortable showing you my desk, the inside of my car--even my underwear drawer. But the fridge? Yikes.

2. Our fridge is about two years old. The original one that came with the house was mustard yellow and had a funny smell. I was thrilled when it finally broke down so we could buy this sleek, black energy-efficient model. And, because it shows fingerprints I can always tell which little one has been inside!

3. I would have posted yesterday but I had to go shopping. The fridge was empty!

4. OK, Tim did the grocery shopping today.

5. There are veggies in the veggie trays. No beer, "malternatives," or sodas because we're cutting back.

6. Just out of eyeshot is our menu list. We plan our meals about a week at a time, so when we do our shopping we get exactly what we need.


chiefbiscuit said…
Ooh ooh - I must do a 'what's in your fridge?' post ... will tag it for later. I love those kind of posts. How about we do a 'my writing desk' post too? Your fridge is so damn neat and tidy and ... organised!
January said…
The desk posts are always fun because it's great to see where an artist works.

Again, the fridge was empty a few hours before I posted. Not much more in there but sippy cups and mayonnaise! Scary.
bostonerin said…
*sigh* I wish I could menu plan. I suppose I'm going to have to do it, eventually, but typically I'm a "what do I want to cook tonight" -type gal. So I stop at Trader Joe's a lot on the way home for the spur-of-the-moment stuff, and do a big shop for staples once a week.
January said…
Oh Erin (a.k.a mommy to be), you'll learn soon that planning meals will be your new best friend.

Try planning meals for a week and see if it works for you.
Deirdre said…
Why does the fridge always feel private? Only long-time, very good friends who've seen me cry and who know all my other secrets get to open my fridge. It's clean - really, just kind of jumbled with too many leftovers.

I'm impressed you plan meals a week in advance. I usually have a few ideas, but that's as far as it gets. I'm the queen of the crockpot and the thrown together meal.
I am simply transfixed by how clean and organized your refrigerator is. I rally can't believe it. I just keep staring at it. My fridge has four things in it, and there's dried pieces of produce everywhere: it's like coffee grounds: I can't get them.
tumblewords said…
I'm impressed! Envious, even!
Heather said…
Wow... it looks like you are super organized! I don't have the nerve to post a picture of mine, though I have to say, it's not near as bad as you might think by reading my post! lol
Janauary, it is good to see you at SS!

Your fridge looks neat!
January said…
Thanks Gautami. I haven't been visiting a lot of blogs lately but I hope to get back to that this week.
January said…
And really, my refrigerator is not that organized.

Good, another black refrigerator. I was starting to feel I had the only one. Good post.
keith hillman said…
Wow you are organised! But no beer?
I thought thats what fridges are for.

I also have a black fridge, although I think it was originally white.
Redness said…
Love organisation - you're great at it and writing too! Loved this, you're so right!

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