Show Me Some Birthday LOVE!

That's right, Poet Mom is 39! January born in February, on Valentine's Day.

FYI, I have an article up at Read Write Poem (thanks Deb).

Show me some birthday love and tell me what you're up to this February 14.

Happy VD, everyone!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday. :)

Not doing anything today, just working.
LJCohen said…
Happy Birthday, January!!!!!

Conversation with hubby this morning:

"What do you want for Valentine's Day?" (him)

"Nothing." (me)

"What if I got you some roses?" (him)

"Then I'd worry that you want to bump me off." (me--roses remind me of funerals, don't like them in the house)

"How about chocolate?" (him)

"Nope." (me)

"Well, what do you want?" (him)

"You." (me)

"You already have that." (him)

"Lucky for me. :)" (me)

My favorite Valentine's Day? Hubby home from work in time to cook me dinner.

Hope you have a happy birthday and V-day.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day celebrating with your family. You look fabulous and this is going to be a GREAT year for you!

We're celebrating tonight with dinner and Red Velvet Cupcakes (mmmmmm). I'm cooking--he cooked for me on my bday on Monday, so I always let him off the hook for Valentine's day. I*did* get a dozen pink and a dozen red roses already, though!
wendy said…
What A Cool ass birthday....

Rock it...I know you will!
Kelli said…
Happy Birthday, January!

How lucky, to have a cool name like January and be born on Valentine's Day!

May you have a fantastic day (and an even better year!)

Anonymous said…
happy happy birthday! previously, there was only one thing i liked about valentines day: chocolate-covered strawberries. but now, i can also like the fact that it's your birthday!!! have a great day.
Anonymous said…
I wish a super super happy birthday! A banner year has already started, for sure!
JimK said…
Happy Birthday!
For any over 35: walk, walk, walk.
Got 3 roses and 3 Toblerones
for the family last night.
Made primavera and mass tater tots.
Getting ready to visit FIL in
Arizona. 3x5s and clip at the ready.
Don't forget...mass submissions
(ugh) important.
Nic Sebastian said…
Happy Birthday, January! I want your birthday!
J said…
Happy birthday! I'm just at work tonight.
geek-betty said…
Happy birthday!!
I'm working. how exciting!
Phoebe said…
Happy Birthday, Jan born in Feb on the Lover's Holiday.

I'm headed some to V-day dinner cooked by the boy and some much needed R&R.
GreenishLady said…
Well, Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day to you. What I'm up to? Worked, had a meeting, came home tired, and then had the fun of doing my draw for One World, One Heart, learnt I've won six (SIX) prizes! Had dinner with some friends. Poetry book by friend's sister-in-law arrived in the post - lovely to meet new poet. Good day!
January said…
Greenish Lady, sounds like you had a lucky day, indeed!
January said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes. And thanks for sharing a part of your Valentine's Day with me.
Anonymous said…
Happy (slightly belated) Birthday January! Hope you had an awesome day!
...deb said…
Happy belated BDay! May good chocolate continue.

(You're welcome.)

I got up super-early and drove two hours away to client meetings. Got home early, enjoyed my home's new wood floor and had good-pizza in with my beloved hubby.

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