Split This Rock: Chapbook

At AWP, one of the many gems I picked up was the spring issue of the Split This Rock Chapbook, produced by the Beloit Poetry Journal.

It features poems of witness and resistance by poets who will be featured at the Split This Rock Festival, March 20-23 in Washington, D.C. This chapbook includes Jimmy Santiago Baca, Robert Bly, Mark Doty, Martín Espada, Carolyn Forché, Sam Hamill, Joy Harjo, Galway Kinnell, Stephen Kuusisto, E. Ethelbert Miller, Naomi Shihab Nye, Alix Olson, Alicia Ostriker, Ishle Yi Park, Sonia Sanchez, Patricia Smith, Susan Tichy, and Pamela Uschuk.

Also had the chance to attend the Split This Rock panel at AWP and was blown away by E. Ethelbert Miller, Martín Espada, Alix Olson, and Alicia Ostriker.


susan said…
I haven't been back to the site. Is the chapbook available for purchase online? Thanks for keeping us updated on Split This Rock and AWP.
January said…
I bought a copy for $5. I bet it's for sale, so I would e-mail them. I'm sure it will be distributed at the gathering in March.
susan said…
Will do. That's really cheap. I'll gladly pay more.
Ananda said…
what a small world this is. i was sitting with my friend yael who went to awp to represent split this rock on ash wednesday evening. she told me all about the awp conference. wow is all i could breathe into the space. ethelbert miller is truly an inspiring magical man. i love to call him e-bert. when i first started writing poetry and sharing it locally in the early 90s, e-bert was my mentor. we would sit for hours in his office at howard university and talk about all kinds of things. e-bert would push me to move past my confort zone. sometimes, i would walk away mad because he told me truth that i didn't want to hear. the greatest lessons i learned about representing myself on paper and in poetry came from my e-bert time. i am blessed to know him. we all are. the greatest compliment he gave me was an invitation to submit my work in one of his poetry collections of black writers. when he accepted my poem without edits, i screamed like i had the oscars. it was a huge moment for me and gave me so much confidence to do what i am doing now. all that to say ... ebert is tremendous.

i know i was rambling.... thanks for all of the good information.

if you come down to the split this rock event, holla. i live in the neighborhood where many of the events will be held. it would be great to meet up for tea and attend an event.

peace and poetry, ananda

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