Confession Tuesday

  1. I took a few days off from blogging/e-mail. Sometimes it's just nice to unplug for a while.

  2. Also took time off from writing poetry to work on manuscript revisions. Almost there.

  3. That being said, I just got a new iPhone for my birthday! Once I figure out how to get my old number to the iPhone, I'm in business, baby!

  4. I'm still blown away from the time I spent with poet Natasha Trethewey. She read at Babson on Feb. 13, and spoke to students at a Q&A session the next day. I was able to spend a little quality time with her, including driving her back to her hotel after the reading, and lunch the next day.

  5. The reading was excellent. Natasha's poem strikes a serious chord, which requires the audience's full attention. You could tell the audience took in every word, respectful of her words and the space her words created.

  6. Usually I share details when I attend an author reading. Yet, because I spent so much time with her, I feel respectful of her privacy. Sounds corny, I know. She was full of wise insights and sass—and I'm not sharing any of it. Some things should remain private.

  7. Spending time with Natasha on my birthday made the day complete.

  8. I will share this photo I snapped during the Q&A.


...deb said…
Damn. You are so lucky.

And I think you are right about holding on to some things. So damn, you are smart, too. :-)

Ok. It's not just luck, either. But it's all good.
Anonymous said…
deb -- i was thinking the same thing: damn, that january chick is SO classy.

good for you for spending some time and keeping it close. it's a wonderful gift to have something that's just yours.
January said…
I'm telling you, it's just a twist of fate that I had such access. But I hope it is a sign of things to come.
Ananda said…
you live the juicy poet life.

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