Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

I'm not in the Obama camp, but I thought this is an excellent video. As one of my CC listserv members put it, the video has "Common, John Legend, Will-I-Am, Scarlett Johanssen,
Kareem, that lady from Grey's Anatomy, homeboy from OZ, and a few other people are in it."



Writer bug said…
Thanks for all the AWP updates! Since I couldn't get there, it is great to learn a bit of what it was like!
Goodnight, Mom said…
This is a great video. Happy Super Tuesday, jana!
January said…
Happy Super Duper Tuesday, my dear!
January said…
Bug, even though AWP is 60 percent poetry, I think you would enjoy it. Lots of sessions and new publications to keep you busy.
susan said…
I watched this video and was deeply moved. This is why I support Obama. He is a champion for unity and diversity. And I cannot express the impact I believe having a black president would have on the pyche on children of color.

I see Ms. Clinton as competent, but not as an agent of change and unity. I'll back her if it comes down to it. But my heart and desires are with Obama.

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