Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday …eh, Monday night … everyone!

  1. My college friends and I have an Oscar pool every year, and this year I won! What did I win you ask? Bragging rights for the next year, and a complicated system of payback dinners bought by the losing participants, although no one ever collects. (Blog that, Special K!)
  2. Truth is, I saw maybe a quarter of the nominated films, down from my usual average of half. Really wasn’t into the Academy Awards this time around.
  3. After Oscar’s big night, and another late night in front of the TV, I decided I needed to spend less time watching Law & Order reruns and Anderson Cooper. So for this week, I’m staying away from television. I look at it as a temporary lifestyle change. Besides, I wasn’t getting much done in the evenings because I got sucked into all sorts of programming.
  4. OK, tonight I caught 10 minutes of a L&O episode. There. I said it.
  5. As I type this, I’m sitting in my newly cleaned office listening to one of my favorite albums, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. I love the arrangements on this album, how all the songs fit together line one prolonged movement. Hope it will fuel a new poem.
  6. I’ve also decided to listen to a different piece of music each night while I write. Tomorrow, I think I’ll listen to Coltrane.
  7. In other news, I got a rejection slip from The Antioch Review. A fine journal, but I can’t tell you how disgusted I was when I opened the letter and found food stains (I think they’re food stains) on the slip. The dark spots were small yet noticeable. So to The Antioch Review or any understaffed, student-run lit journal: please have the decency to wipe your food-stained hands before mailing your rejections. Yuk.
  8. I am reading this Friday (see previous post) and I am nervous. I mean, I have a few days before the reading yet I feel myself getting anxious. A friend says I need to make eye contact with the audience, but when I do that I lose my place and flub my lines. So Thursday night I’ll spend time with a video camera preparing for a 10 minute reading. How silly is that?

    If you have something to confess, leave a note for Carolee or me and we’ll be sure to check in with your blog.


Ananda said…
hi january. i love the one that says i will listen to a different piece of music when i write. i am gonna listen to a different free radio station that i make every at work. today is duke ellington. maybe tomorrow is alice coltrane ... and the john coltrane for thursday. sorry i am late commenting on your page from last week.
Anonymous said…
feel confident that your TV choices are at least more respectable than the witch to your west! i'm all about "celebrity rehab."
January said…
I LOVE Celebrity Rehab!

Phoebe said…
I, too, have confessed.
Catherine said…
I was going to confess, mainly about why I hadn't been blogging, but I'm still not blogging :)
Maybe next week.
I got a rejection slip yesterday too. But it wasn't food-stained.
January said…
Catherine, sometimes you need to step back. I look forward to next week's confessions.
January said…
Phoebe's blog is

Check out her confessions.
Christine said…
Hi, January. I joined witchy's Confession Booth.

Your list is funny, especially the food stained rejection letter. You're great at listing goofy stuff about yourself. I tend to get all serious. A good lesson in lightening up right here.

My favorite show is 30 Rock, or Lost.
January, I once got a postcard from my agent where she had used white-out over a previous message to another client and typed mine over that...that was kinda disgusting, too.
Goodnight, Mom said…
You just can't leave that Law and Order!

that is just terrible about the letter. I would be upset, too.

Good luck on Friday!!!

My confessions are up.
Anonymous said…
Confess your sins online at:
susan said…
Hey January,

I'm late but I'm back. Something about the company of poets. Do tell us about the reading.

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