Confession Tuesday

Happy spring, and happy Confession Tuesday everyone! Share a little bit of yourself with us, and be sure to check out your fellow sinners in The Confessional!

My mom’s having surgery tomorrow. Please keep her in your thoughts. I’m flying to Virginia on Saturday and will be down there with my parents for almost a week.

This is one of those only-child moments I’ve dreaded for as long as I can remember: taking care of ailing parents. *Sigh* It just would be nice to have a brother or sister to share my emotions in a time like this. Nuff said.


I'm compartmentalizing more emotions now than I can count. This is hard.


Gearing up for National Poetry Month and writing a poem a day. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. Besides, I subscribe to the "success in failure" theory. Even if I only one-third of my poems become drafts, that's 10 poems I would have never written without the push.

Currently, I'm working on a few poems, but nothing I love enough to call a draft. April can't come soon enough.


One nice thing happening now is that I'm starting to put together press kits. And, yes, I'm finally starting to contact organizations and institutions about readings in late 2009 and in 2010. It's exciting to think that I'll have the opportunity to travel and meet people from different parts of the country--because of poetry! Of course, much of this will be on my own dime, but I like to travel. So being able to travel on behalf of poetry really is a wonderful opportunity.


Wanted to watch the season finale of Jon and Kate Plus Eight last night, but I'm not sure if the show aired as scheduled. From the promos, it looks as if Jon and Kate's marriage is in trouble. Hope they can get past their difficulties and rekindle the love that brought them together.

OK, that's really sappy. But I'm rooting for this couple and their family.


susan said…
Hi January,

Holding your mom in the light.

I'm going to join you for the poetry challenge. I don't even know if I can write everyday, but I'm going to try. We don't have to share our daily grunts do we? What an image huh? lol

I'd love to read a review copy and interview you when you're ready.

Hang in there.
January said…
Thanks Susan.

When the book is out (Oct/Nov), I'll definitely send you a review copy. And I'll take you up on your offer for an interview.
...deb said…
Oh, man, January. Holding all of you in my thoughts. I'm an only child, too, and understand what you are going through.

I've posted my confessions. But you have other things to think about. Hugs and good thoughts. And more.
Hey Jan,

I'll be thinking about you and your mom.

Holler if you're fixing to head west for your book tour.
Heidi G. said…
With the Spring air, crisp and new, comes a time for renewal and it is so that your mom with in this renewal beginning tomorrow. My spirit is swirling all about in that air for mom Gill and for her only child Jan- believe it!
Writer Bug said…
Good luck with taking care of your mom!

Re John and Kate... I just can't get into that show. If I wanted to watch people bicker, I could just sit in my own living room. Just kidding. But it seriously seems to be about the logistics of getting the kids somewhere, and then watching the parents fight...
Erin Dionne said…
Sending lots of love to you and your mom this week.

Hang in there.
Maya Ganesan said…
April couldn't come faster for me, either. I've not been writing much.
Anonymous said…
thinking of you and your mother.

oh -- and if you're not allergic to cats or dogs, you'd be welcome to stay here if you come to upstate on your book tour!

just this afternoon, i returned from a trip to maine to visit my mom. i'll confess (hopefully) later tonight.
Maya Ganesan said…
I finally did confess -- and so glad I did!
odessa said…
Oh January, my prayers go to you and your mom. I feel for you, I have 4 siblings and I'm really close to them, so I can't imagine what its like to be the only child especially on times of family crisis. *Hugs*

If you ever find yourself in SF for the book tour, call me!

Also here's mine: confession tuesday
January said…
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and kind words about my mother. I really do appreciate it.
Goodnight, Mom said…

I'll call you tomorrow. I thought her surgery was next week!!!

Sorry, bad BFF.

chicklegirl said…
Prayers for your mom--and you.

I'm sucking it up for NaPoWriMo, too. And, dare I say it, I'm both excited and scared.

It's been weeks since my last confession, but who's counting?
Anonymous said…
mine are finally up. :)
Maya Ganesan said…
A little surprise for you over at my blog :)

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