Happy Friday

It's been a quiet few days but I wanted to give a quick update before the weekend begins.

I'm headed to NYC for a 24-hour gastric extravaganza (read: the trip is based on cheap eats!). Will take photos and maybe video of the trip. I'm sure there will be cupcake run in my future.

Had a conversation about the dreaded second book with a friend. Haven't even published the first book, yet I'm sweating the second manuscript. Is it better to come out with a new book fast on the heels of the first to capitalize on momentum, or to let the poems "marinate" a few years before publishing them?

Just received the new National Poetry Month (NPM) poster from the Academy of American Poets. It's hanging on my office door. One of these days, I'll take some office photos so you can see that I have all NPM posters on my walls going back to 2000.

Have a great weekend. The Northeast is getting a burst of spring weather with temps close to the 60s!


Anonymous said…
a strange place for me to offer advice considering i don't have even ONE book yet (and i haven't been submitting) but ... is it possible to let the poems tell you when it's time for manuscript #2? if you chug along steadily with your writing practice, it may tell you when your second manuscript is possible.
Anonymous said…
sounds like fun - enjoy your cupcakes!
Maya Ganesan said…
Can you believe the week is so nearly over?!
Kay said…
Have fun! I have 2006 poster ... well, a print of it. They are something special - a great idea to collect them.

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