Confession Tuesday

Welcome to the first Tuesday of July. You know what that means? Time to confess. Share a little of yourself with us and we'll do the same. And don't forget to check in with the sinners lollygagging in The Confessional.

True Confession: I've been reading the same book for months: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now, I love this book, yet I've become a very casual reader when it comes to novels. Poetry, newspapers, magazines articles and blog posts I'm voracious about. But novels? Not so much.

Feeling incredibly guilty about my lack of effort, I picked up the book again and fell right back into the story. I seem to pick it up during the times when I need it most on an emotional level. So the passage I read yesterday was this:

"And the question now for me is, What are my choices to be? What do I believe that I deserve in this life? Where can I accept sacrifice, and where can I not?"

I've spent a good portion of my adult life taking care of others. Now that the marriage is ending, I must focus on me. I have to move in a direction that brings peace and stability for my children and me. It's quite a daunting task to go it alone, but here I go, slowly moving toward happiness. I will accept nothing less.

As for Eat, I've decided to finish it this month so I can fill my cavernous heart with more words. Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is waiting patiently for me.


This summer I had planned to take the kids to Sesame Place. But the thought of taking two kids under 6 to an amusement park by myself scares the BEJESUS out of me! So I've decided to stay local and plan a staycation full of awesomeness! We'll stay overnight at a local water park, visit the "other" Children's Museum in the metro Boston area, take a ferry ride from Salem to Boston, hang out at the pool at our local Y, go bowling, play miniature golf, eat well, stay up late, and just laugh a lot. I'm even planning a few excursions for myself. Maybe even a SPA DAY! Figure I'll spend half as much money and we'll get just as much enjoyment.

I wanted this to be the trip that said to the world, "I'll be OK. We'll be just fine." But I think the most important thing is to relax and enjoy this time with the kids. Maybe this week with mom will be a time they cherish for the rest of their lives.

We'll save the big trip for next year when I have help.


Still mourning Michael Jackson. *Sadness.*


And on the poetry front, here are my July To-Do's

  1. Read a friend's manuscript to write a blurb for his upcoming book (I haven't forgotten, J.B.)
  2. Finish the first draft of my second manuscript
  3. Write four poems
  4. Finish Eat, Pray, Love. Start Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (I have a thing for three-word titles)
  5. Update marketing plan for Underlife.


Deb said…
I've got confessions.

It sounds like you are doing the right things for yourself and your kids. I commend and applaud you, and hope the resolve keeps returning as you need it. Hugs.

(Also smart to do a staycation and not take those youngsters to a crazy place all by yourself.)
January said…
Thanks Deb. Hugs are a good thing these days.
Catherine said…
I enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, but ... it's not a novel(or is it? - the author claims it to be true).
I've just finished reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Half of a Yellow Sun". Fantastic book. I tend to get too many library books out at once and have to return them unread, so I'm having a reading binge this week.

Maybe you could borrow two or three extra kids for a week or so. Believe me, two are a breeze when you are used to juggling five :)
Sounds like you are doing great, and making wise choices for yourself.
Goodnight, Mom said…

Wise decision. You guys will have a blast at home! Tourist in your own city! They will love the attention. I'm sure they won't care where they are.

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