Me Time!

Today I put the kids in day care so I could have a day to myself. And what have I done? Nothing! Well, I blogged a lot today.

Not even thinking about all the things I’ve left undone. Of course, the day is not over yet.


Thinking about my parents and friends at lot. Couldn’t get through this time without them. XOXO!


Just received a very nice thank-you note from a dear friend. She says, “…bet you didn’t know you were such a good juggler.”


I think I just picked up a third opportunity to read at the Mass Poetry Festival! I’m excited. As long as the times don’t overlap, I’m good. Now, is it excessive to read three times in four days at the same festival?

Also, I picked up two Boston-area readings for January 2010. Woo hoo! Thanks Harris.


Decided to break out my book comments into a separate post.


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