Kibbles and Bits

Finally, the sun is out in Boston! The kids and I will be hanging out poolside at our local Y this afternoon.


Looks like I'm reading in two different sessions of the Mass Poetry Festival this October. Woo hoo! Also, I'm on the list for NYU's spring 2010 alumni reading. And I just applied to read at the VA Festival of the Book for 2010. Keep your fingers crossed because I am a Virginia native and I would be a little crushed if I didn't read at this event in my home state.


Don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of stories about poets making no money. Old news, if you ask me. Nonetheless, NPR has a nice story about emerging poet Elizabeth Haukaas and established poet Mark Strand.

Tomorrow, I plan to take a substantial about of time revising my second manuscript. I should get in some reading and writing, too.

Have a great weekend!


Catherine said…
In the vast majority of cases, novelists make no money, tennis players make no money, golfers make no money, poets make no money. I think the difference between poets and the other categories is that it is less likely that a few superstars make huge amounts. Acutally, that is pretty irrelevant to most of us who might as well write poems, play golf, jog or whatever it is that we love.
January said…
I think you're absolutely right, Catherine. Most of the poet/artist/athlete-with-no-money stories are written for larger audiences, but it still seems like a silly angle to cover. We do what we do because it's who we are, and maybe that's the real story.
Deb said…
Oh, thanks for reminding me of that story! I wanted to news it for RWP.

I think Catherine is right. There are few "professional, high-paying spots" and mostly avid lovers who keep everything going.

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