Sunday Night Musings

Today was the last day of my vacation. *sigh* It was a really fun week with the kids. My intention was to give them a few new memories and experiences with me, and it was extremely satisfying to do so. We spent the afternoon playing miniature golf.


Later, I spent some time collecting my manuscript. It’s divided into four chaotic sections. Trying not to pass judgment on the work but just focus on revisions. Again, it was extremely satisfying to put things in order. I feel like I need to live with the work for a while before this group of poems is truly a collection.


Tomorrow after work, I’m headed to NYC and then to Washington, D.C. with Joseph Legaspi to read at the Miller Cabin Reading Series. Pray for no rain!

This is mommy’s mini vacation, back to two of her favorite cities with one of her best friends. Woo hoo! Will be blogging from the road.


Sarah Palin … Whatever!


Catherine said…
I'm also finding out that putting poems into a coherent order is not so easy. I'm dealing with it by procrastinating :)
Have fun with your friend on your mini vacation!
Kay said…
Go well! Hope the raindrops stay away for you.

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