The Runners Up

These are the covers that were "voted off the island." Let me know what you think. Any favorites? I have a few.

Looking back, this represents a great collaborative effort between me and Eric, cool guy/designer extraordinaire.

1. Kitchen

2. Beach 1

3. Beach 2

4. Black w/Legs

5. Breast (not mine)

6. Light Bulb

7. Doorstep 1

8. Doorstep 2

9. Shoes

10. Fishnets

11. Fingers (not mine)

12. Face (not me)

13. Doorstep 3

14. Stairs 1

15. Stairs 2

16. Washing Machine 1

17. Washing Machine 2

18. Washing Machine 3

19. Washing Machine 4


Catherine said…
I like no 2 and 5. I also like in the first of the "legs" covers the way that the legs are going into the picture, not out of it - but in the one you have chosen, I like that the top part of the mannequin is out of the picture, so that there could be a whole body attached to the legs. Many of the covers are rather cluttered, so I like that you chose a simple one.
It must have been hard to choose--so many are good. But I think you chose well!
It was really interesting to see these, I'm glad you posted them.
January said…
Joyce, it was hard to choose. But it was fun going through the process.
January said…
Catherine, I liked the Kitchen, the Light Bulb, and Washing Machine #3. I liked two of them because of the clutter, but I did a bit of market research and got the best reaction from the mannequin legs.

No one seemed to like the mannequin top.
Collin Kelley said…
I have to say I love the "lightbulb" one. So cool. And the one with the legs and the washing machine.
I like 1 and 11 - I don't know why just a good gut about them...some of these are pretty great though! congrats on inching ever-closer to d-day!
Mari said…
Definitely #6. So evocative... but I do think you've/they've chosen the best of the lot for your cover, January. Congrats again!
Kells said…
Hi January,

Great choices to pick from !

My favorites were 1, 4, 16,

My second favorite was 6 (though I think the lightbulb thing has been done).

My least favs were 2 & 3

*** For me, if I saw 1, 4, or 16 on the shelf, I'd pick them up. They are unique and eye-catching. And I had a positive gut reaction to all of them.

Let us know what you choose!
Anonymous said…
i'm so fascinated by these: that there are so many, that they are so evocative! i think you made the right choice but i also liked many of them.

curious: is the image of the mannequin legs in one of your pieces specifically or does it just work with the collection as a whole?
Liz said…
Really like 3, 6 and the definitive one too...congrats. January.
January said…
Thanks everyone!

FYI, if you missed it, the chosen cover is in my previous post.
Goodnight, Mom said…

So, I'm seeing many of these for the first time. I really like the beach ones!

(Not that I don't love the one you chose!!!!)
maya ganesan said…
Hmm, I liked 5 and 14. But I do love the real cover :)

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