Confession Tuesday

It’s Tuesday! Time to share that pound of flesh with us (metaphorically, of course), and don’t forget to visit the repeat offenders in The Confessional.

It’s very rare that I get out for a kid-free night out. But last night—yes, Monday night—this Poet Mom went out with another poet mom for a few tasty beverages. Let’s just say that I’m feeling it this morning. And that’s why I don’t go out that much anymore! We did have fun chatting away. Thanks CM!


In my new-found frugality, I’m finding a lot of deals that have always been around but I’m just now noticing. Writers, check out whatever office supply store is in your area. These stores are gearing up for back to school sales, so lots of basics on sale in the upcoming weeks. (Back to school already… can you believe it?) I bought two packs of Staples brand copy paper for $3.69 each. By taking advantage of an online rebate, the paper costs just $0.01!

*Writers, how are you being frugal during these difficult economic times?*


Being more frugal has also led me down a path of greater self control! Had to talk myself out of buying a Lenovo Ideapad S10-2, a mini-laptop, for $315. *big sigh* But truthfully, it is a “want,” not a “need.” That’s how I make most of my financial decisions these days, by asking myself, “Is it a need or a want?” Usually puts things into perspective for me.

Oh, but I really, really want it. Someone may need to talk me down off the ledge. I’ll get one later this year. I love that the minis are lightweight, no larger than the size of a book, and cheap. It’s perfect for writing in a coffee shop or for use during travel. Did I mention this laptop is blue?


Haven’t made much progress on my poetry to-do list. Honestly, after a long day at work and a few hours with the kids, I crawl into bed at 8:30 p.m. Doesn’t help that I’m up at 5 a.m. during the summer to take advantage of my college’s flexible work hours. So it’s hard to motivate myself to write. Ugh. I need to stop complaining and just get on with it.


I’m slowly working through the second manuscript. Will fell better once I solidify the poems in the last section. There are three sections currently, but that could change the deeper I get into the process.


I’ve lost 15 lbs in 3 months. It may be the one benefit to the chaos in my life.


Deb said…
That's a tough way to loose weight, Jan. :-( Glad you enjoyed your night out, hope a glass of OJ "refreshes."

My frugality is basic: don't buy anything but the necessities. I like your paper bargain, though! Nice.

The writing will come. You know it will. Enjoy your summer.

Deb's confessions du jour.
Writer Bug said…
I agree with Deb--the writing will come when it needs to. Now might be the time to take care of you with some early-to-bed nights. Sleeping well always makes me feel a bit better. And you have to eat more! Keep your energy and your health up. Speaking of which... I'll send you and Erin and RB an invite for brunch in the near future and serve very fattening foods. Take care!
January said…
Bug, I look forward to the brunch. Sounds great!

And I am eating, I'm just not eating much at dinner. I've stop making big family meals at night because I end up with leftovers that the kids and I can't finish. The meals are much simpler and quicker now.
January said…
Deb, i'm hoping the writing will come, too.

Hope you're enjoying July as well. Coming by to see your confessions soon.
Collin Kelley said…
The writing will come once the transition period passes and chances are you'll find yourself in fertile period of creativity.

As for saving money at my desk -- I'm recycling paper (using both sides) and not printing as much in general. I'm on the lookout for journals who take email submissions now more than ever. Save the stamp, too.
maya ganesan said…
Oh, wow. That is one brilliant laptop. I completely get why you want it. :)

I'm slow on writing. It was out of my mind entirely until someone nudged me yesterday and said, "Why haven't you been writing?" Bit of a nasty shock for me. I guess I'd just been putting it off forever.

I do hope some of that "chaos" dies down for you, though.
January said…
Thanks Maya, Collin.

Collin, I'm trying to save on postage as well. I'm glad more journals are moving to electronic submissions.
Kay said…
That's a lot of weight to lose - don't get too thin (forgive motherly advice!) You do work hard my dear. Look after yourself now.
I have dropped two days work to write - so am losing money rather than saving it. Is that frugal or mad? I know my writing has benefited, but at the cost of my pocket.

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