Underlife Book Cover

I was waiting until the end of summer to show off the cover. But heck, it's 60 degrees in New England and the sky is black with thunderstorms--I need a little pick-me-up! And when Erin told me the cover was listed on Amazon.com ... hey now!

The Underlife cover was designed by the beautiful and talented Eric Stich. We went through many designs, all of them unique and interesting, but we always came back to these mannequin legs, which he owns, by the way. *smile*

(FYI, this is not the finished cover, but the design is set.)

Once I find all the covers on my hard drive, I'll post the ones that didn't make it. Woo hoo! I'm doing a virtual happy dance!!


Anonymous said…
i'm so guilty of buying books based on their covers, and even if i didn't know you, i would buy this one. :)

(are you jumping up and down to have a book for sale at amazon? so cool!)
Looks GREAT!!! It is on Amazon, I checked!
January said…
Thanks ladies! Swing by the blog tomorrow--I'm posting the 19 other covers that didn't make the cut.

November is just around the corner!
odessa said…
ohhhhh...i love it! so happy for you...does it feel surreal to see your book on Amazon? i think a celebration is in order or should we wait 'til november? :)
Collin Kelley said…
Gorgeous and a bit sinister, too. Can't wait to read it.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic cover. Slightly sexy, but mainly mysterious (unintentional alliteration there).
And doesn't it feel amazing to have it settled?
maya ganesan said…
BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh man, this cover itself makes me want to own a copy RIGHT NOW. (Though I know the poems are going to be FAB, considering you've written them) :)
Salmon Bear said…
Gorgeous cover. I want to get a copy!

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