Kramers, Ben's, and Busboys

After the reading in Rock Creek Park, and for few a few hours the next day, Joseph and I got to hang out a bit in D.C.

Kramers. I spent many an evening falling in love with books and their covers in this 24-hour bookstore/eatery/hotspot. Wish I had taken pictures of the interior, but if you've ever been it hasn't changed at all.

U Street

Ben's Chili Bowl. I lived in D.C. for three years before grad school and never ate there (and I know the owner's son, sort of!). But we made up for that with breakfast, complete a chili dog on the side. Yum!

Bringing sexy back!

Busboys and Poets. Another restaurant/bookstore/hotspot that truly impressed me. What a wonderful place to come to if you want to buy a book, get a quick cup of coffee, or hear great poetry. It truly is a neighborhood gathering spot.


Kay said…
What great places. Wish we had the population in our little city to support book shops and cafes combined - I'd hang out there. So would a lot of people I know. You never know, someone might get creative and get one up and going. Thanks for the photos! You're looking rather stunning.
Jennifer said…
Oh, you're making me miss my old hood. I lived at 13th and U - really, right there at the corner (well, 3 houses down), when I first moved to DC, then later over by DuPont Circle. I love and miss Kramerbooks, it's the first place I go whenever I'm back in DC. Busboy's is new since I left - I'll have to check that out on the next trip.

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