Confession Tuesday

If it's Tuesday, it's time for a few confessions. Time to share with the class! And don't forget to stop in and say hello to the sinners in The Confessional!

I'm writing my confessions on Monday morning because the Summer o' Fun vacation is in full effect! Will post pictures later tonight.

Yesterday, I took the kids bowling (candlepin, small bowling balls). Wish I had taken my camera because it was a riot! We let Ella bowl a few steps down the lane because it took so long for the balls to reach the pins. All in all, it was a fun outing, and Alex was the victor with a score of 77!


Ella has been rather needy the last few days. Don't understand it because I've been spending more time with her, not less. She's literally been clinging to my leg. Really hope this stage passes quickly because her clinginess makes me want to run the other way. *sigh*


I'm going to write a column or two for the soon-to-be relaunched Read Write Poem, based on poetry confessions. The relaunch is happening in a few weeks, and my article should post in last August.


I have declared Wednesday as a "me"day. The kids will go to day care while I regroup a bit. I'll take a look at my to-do list, but this will be the day I finish getting my manuscript in order (although revisions will take a few weeks), write, and catch up on my reading.


I signed up with Twitter, but I'm not active yet. Not ready to commit. Baby steps!


Happy Tuesday, folks!


Kells said…
I remember feeling that way about clingy-ness.

thanks for your post.

I'll be doing mine in a few moments...

chicklegirl said…
Thanks for your honest mom-fessions. It really helps just to read them. That clingy thing does me in, too. I love your idea of the "me" day--good for you!

My confessions are up.
Collin Kelley said…
I feel like everyone has left blogging for Facebook and Twitter. There's much more going on at both those places than the blogosphere lately.
January said…
Collin, I feel the pull to social networking sites, too. Not much activity in the blogosphere during the summer.
Deb said…
Hey, Jan, thanks for finding me although I didn't come over for a while.

Great idea for a you-Wednesday, even if they are not "productive" they are necessary. And nice of the readings. Sounds great!

Looking forward to the new stuff at RWP. It's going to be amazing, a whirlwind!

Twitter is fun, and I can thank you for FB (remember when you came back from AWP a couple of years ago saying "the word is Facebook" ??!!) but I haven't given up blogging.

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