Staycations and Stuff

Today at 4:30 p.m., my “staycation,” or stay-at-home vacation, begins. Taking a break will help me rejuvenate other parts of my life, I hope. I’m looking forward to spending time with the kids on day excursions and mini-adventures, as well as sleeping in and eating too much ice cream! I’m also planning large chunks of time by myself to read, write, and relax.


Tonight I’m going to a charity event where I’ll get to meet none other than tennis legend Martina Navratilova. Go figure! I'm a huge tennis fan so I'm really looking forward to it.


I’ve been thinking about Phoebe’s Confession Tuesday post. In it, she said something that really resonated with me:

“… I confess that I've never been confused about my own power. I am a powerful person, always have been. This comes up a lot … me marveling at my own ability to move through the world the way I want to. Me wishing I could use more of that power for good. If only I can make that strong sense of self and creativity connect with some ambition. I often feel like I'm missing the ambition.”

Like Phoebe, I have a keen sense of who I am—always have. Yet, I don’t suffer from a lack of ambition (neither does Phoebe, in my opinion). For me, the bigger issue is intent. I have a lot of good intentions, but no follow through. It’s easy enough to talk/blog about stuff, but to act on intention is often difficult. If I acted on half of my intentions, I wonder how much different (maybe even better) my life would be. And what if I used my intentions to help others. What if I championed one cause—what kind of difference would that make in someone else’s life?

Something for me to ponder on my staycation.


I'll be blogging and posting with wild abandon this week. Stop in and say hello!


odessa said…
hi january!
sooo happy for you to have this time off for yourself and your summer starts today too. will look forward to reading your posts on the road. and yes, you are a powerful woman. cheers! :)
Kay said…
Hello - I am on a bit of a mini staycation myself with Robert away for a couple of days ... pure blob-outs and not moving from indoors ... lots of reading ... and trying not to eat too much. Until Sunday night when it will all end. (I'll be ready by then!) You have fun.

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