Monday, July 13, 2009

Superhero Sunday

The kids and I spent Sunday morning at the Wenham Museum and their exhibit, "Colorful Characters: Storytelling Through Comics."

Superheroes in training

"Yes, Alex, we used to have these things called 'phone booths' to make telephone calls ..."


odessa said...

oh, they're sooo cute! and now that i think of it, where did the phone booths go? i've only seen very few nowadays.

January said...

Thanks Odessa. I feel safer with my little ones protecting and serving.

The phone booth has become a relic, hasn't it? Can't remember the last time I used a booth, or a pay phone.

maya ganesan said...

SO adorable!!

Collin Kelley said...

Oh my god! I had some of those toys. I most defintely had that Batman figure in the box and the Batgirl figure on the top row. They might still be in my parents' attic. Misty, watercolored memories...

Cute kids, too. :)


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