Confession Tuesday

It's Tuesday. You know what that means? Time to share a piece of yourself with us. Don't forget to hi-five the folks hanging out in The Confessional.

This is a picture from the ICA's production of Waiting for Godot. (Yes, I took a picture of a play in process. No, there was no flash.) Loved the set design.

I fell asleep during the play—before and after intermission. There, I've said it. Not proud of that. Shouldn't have had the second cosmo!


My parents are visiting from Virginia. It's been such a nice thing having them around. Alex and Ella really love spending time with Grandpa and Grandma. Selfishly, I'm just glad to have the support. Couldn't get through this difficult time without them.


Work has been hectic the past few weeks and this week is no exception. When one part of my life demands more of my attention, it really throws everything else off, including my writing.


Time to get back into the gym.


Wish I could have been in NYC for the reopening of Poets House. Here's a news story on the events of this past weekend. FYI, Poet's House carries 50,000 volumes of poetry. Do they have your title? Contact them to see about having your book added to their collection.


I'm psyched about my poetry to-do list. Now that it's done, I'm on to the real work of getting things done. October is going to be a great month—I can feel it!


I'm trying this new widget called LinkWithin. Let me know what you think. Is it slowing down the load time for the blog?


Kells said…
I like the new widget, I think I'll try it too.

Off to post my confession!
Jessie Carty said…
confess today - i am reading a book that i was assigned to review and i really don't like it. i have never written a bad review, a lukewarm or no opinion review, but never a bad review - trying to decide if i give it back or write a bad review!
odessa said…
don't worry, i fell asleep while watching shakespeare in the park (on broad daylight!). love the set design too! and i'm with you on exercising, my first time going back to my exercise class today (after 2 weeks of slacking off) and i was sweating and shaking.

here's my confession. a bit hard to write, but very cathartic.
Goodnight, Mom said…

So sorry you fell asleep in the play! Was it good otherwise?

Interesting widget, by the way. Interesting photo popped up for me.

Tim with a black eye??? Hmmmm

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