Confession Tuesday

Confession Tuesday 2010! New year, new confessions. Time to share a little about yourself, and, in return, we’ll do the same. Don’t forget to stop in and say hello to those hanging out in The Confessional!

Hasn’t happened in a while, but Ella woke up at 1:30 a.m. and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m a bit foggy this morning. I’m trying to be better about climbing into bed at 10 p.m. and reading a few pages of a book until I fall asleep, which I did last night. I'm exhausted today. Didn’t think I would be this tired after my first day back to work.


I’ve decided not to watch television in the evenings this week so I can catch up on my reading. I love TV, which makes this exercise quite difficult. But the books on my nightstand are calling to me.


Despite all of that, I'm in a great mood.


Congrats to Nin Andrews and the excellent review of Southern Comfort by Ken Tucker in Entertainment Weekly. And kudos for EW for reviewing poetry. She's also a CavanKerry author, and I have the privilege of reading with her in March at Brookline Booksmith.

I started reading Southern Comfort last night, and for some reason I started reading back to front. Started with the Acknowledgements section and move my way into about six poems. I don't often read back to front but I'm enjoying how the book unfolds from this perspective. It is a wonderful read--I highly recommend it.


You never really know how someone will read a poetry collection: front to back, back to front, pick poems from the table of contents, select by title, or completely random.


Check out RWP's editorial lineup for 2010. Yep, I'm in there.

On tap this week/weekend:

1. Write two articles
2. Read two books
3. Write one poem
4. Finish artist grant application for Massachusetts Cultural Council
5. Organize/post reading dates


2010 is off to a terrific start. Haven't spent a ton of money in the last few days. I have organized my office (a constant process), thrown out or donated clothes and miscellaneous items, and, in general, I feel a certain lightness entering the new year.

Hope 2010 brings you much happiness and poetry.


Jessie Carty said…
Your confessional was very calming to me :)

What else do I have to confess today? That I am reading an acquaintance's book and I'm not really liking it all that well *looks sheepish*

I have Nin's book on my list to get this year and I'm starting your book tonight or tomorrow!
January said…
Thanks Jessie. Some days The Confessional is actually a good thing.

Now, that's a good confession. Hard to fake not liking something written by someone you know. Hope you can focus on the positive.
Erin Dionne said…
I confess that your confession is my procrastination from writing.
January said…
See, that's funny because your blog is my procrastination from writing. Coinkydink?
chicklegirl said…
Trying to climb back on the rolling confessional wagon after a year's end filled with sickness, a miscarriage, and more sickness. Ugh! 2010 is off to a good start, so far, and here's my first confession of the year.
January said…
Well, I am just sick to hear that. I hope you are taking care of yourself. Glad you checked in with us.

I've had miscarriage--and written about it. It's a painful place. You'll heal. Give it time.

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