Louder Than a Bomb

Louder Than a Bomb documentary trailer from Siskel/Jacobs Productions on Vimeo.

Louder Than a Bomb tells the story of four Chicago high school poetry teams as they prepare to compete in the world’s largest youth slam. By turns hopeful and heartbreaking, the film captures the turbulent lives of these unforgettable kids, exploring the ways writing shapes their world, and vice versa. Louder Than a Bomb is not about “high school poetry” as we often think of it. It’s about language as a joyful release, irrepressibly talented teenagers obsessed with making words dance. While the topics they tackle are often deeply personal, what they put into their poems—and what they get out of them—is universal: the defining work of finding one’s voice.


Maureen said…
This looks like a marvelous film. Thank you.
Jennifer Jean said…
i'm so glad you found this! also, is that "Siskel" as in the siskel & ebert guy???
January said…
No, Gene Siskel died about 10 years ago. Different Siskel.

The trailer looks good.

Thanks Jennifer, Maureen.

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