Confession Tuesday

Is it Tuesday already? Where does the time go? Well, this is your time to confess. Tell us a little something about yourself, and we'll be sure to do the same. Don't forget to say hello to the sinners in The Confessional.


I had a totally different post planned for this week, but decided to forgo it. I'm in a period of transition and I'm just not ready to discuss it. But I will eventually. I've said this before, but life is giving me too many lemons right now. I can only drink so much lemonade.

(A big hug to my friend who said he would send a team to find the lemonade stand and destroy it! I may take him up on his offer.)


What I can say is that I'm overhauling my life. I want to be a better woman/mother/poet. I want to live fully in the moment and heal from past wounds. I guess what I'm saying is that I want to be free. I'll get there. Small steps. Deep breaths.


Sunday night, while putting my son to bed after a very busy day and weekend, he said, "It feels like I've been away from school for a long time." I told him, "That's because we've had so much fun—it tires you out!" Seems when everything else goes wrong, there are still a few things I get right.


Be sure to check out Nic Sebastian's 10 Questions series. This time around, she's interviewing editors on their process for putting together a publication.


No lemons were hurt in the writing of this post.


WS Poetry said…
you seem to be going through big hurtful stuff. hang in there, holding thumbs for you

I'm interested in your thoughts as you go through this overhaul. The balancing act of poet/mother/wife/daughter/friend/worker, etc. can be tough.

I hope your lemons are replaced by oranges or chocolate.

Take care!
Deb said…
Thinking of you, January, sending good vibes. (And for your friend who's taking out the lemonade stand! Way to go.)

Here are my long-winded serious and silly confessions. You have enough going on. Read only if you can. No obligations, okay?
susan said…
Oh, I so can relate to transitions and big stuff. I don't need to know the specifics to know how you feel.

Remember, you'll learn and grow. And it's okay to say when it hurts.
Anonymous said…
(ask for limes instead and make margaritas.)
January said…
Nice! I like the way you think, Carolee!
January said…
Thanks Susan, Deb, Kelli, and Nic.

I'll be by to read confessions tonight.

And Kelli, maybe my overhaul deserves its own post. But much of it is about simplifying my life, and working with where I am right now.

I did have ice cream today--much better than lemons!
Thinking Aloud said…
Here is my Confession.

And next time, when life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie:)
Catherine said…
Best wishes for your overhaul. It seems these are difficult times in many parts of the world

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