Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Time to fess up! Share a confession with us, and don't forget to say hello to those doin' time in The Confessional.

I'm in the process of doing a life audit. Since I'm going through a huge transition, it seems like a good time to assess my resilience to things. I'm arranging my life so that I'm better equipped to handle setbacks.

What does that mean? I'm looking at four areas:

Personal spending. Like many others out there, I need to cut back. So maybe a few less lunches bought during the work week so I can save for something I really want to do, like take in a Red Sox game!

Physical health. I've lost 12 lbs over the last three months (I look great!), but it's mostly due to stress rather than exercise. I need to make sure I'm eating healthy and getting lots of sleep and exercise.

Emotional health. Thank goodness for my network of friends and family. They keep me on track, and lend a hand when I need it.

Creativity. I need to feed my soul. That's where poetry and this blog come into play.

Bottom line, I want to increase my happiness quota. You can never have enough happiness, right?


Too many celebrity deaths coming back to back. We need a break, don't you think?


Yesterday, I knocked out two big goals of mine. I sent off a grant application for the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. In addition, I'm putting the finishing touches on an article for my publisher's newsletter. Whew!

In completing the grant application, I submitted 24 poems from my second manuscript. It was a great opportunity to look at my work again with fresh eyes, and eliminate poems that don't work in this current iteration.


Received two rejections in one day, from Harvard Review and Anti-. Oh well. At least Anti- sent a nice e-mail instead of a generic slip of paper.


Tonight, I'll get some ME time to work on said manuscript, as well as write my first poem of June on the last day of the month.


Collin Kelley said…
Way to hustle, January. I've been feeling productive as well. We need a moratorium on celeb deaths for the rest of the year.
Writer Bug said…
I like the idea of a life audit. I was going to post a similar year wrap up on my blog (in reaction to my b-day yesterday), and now I have the perfect terminology for it!
And you're right: you can never have too much happiness.
January said…
Happy Birthday, Bug! Sorry I missed it. (Note to self: Check B-days on Facebook more often!)

Hope this is the best year yet!
January said…
Thanks Collin.
Maya Ganesan said…
I got a rejection yesterday too :( At least it wasn't as bad as yours -- it was only one for me.
January said…
Unfortunately, rejections are part of the process. I've developed a thick skin about them, but getting two a time is an omen!
Deb said…
Hey. Saw this place that lists grants for writers and thought of you.

Later, 'gater.
Deb said…
Oops. Here:

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