Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Series

I seem to have this thing about reading in parks. First, Bryant Park in NYC, and now DC!

The Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Series takes place Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Rock Creek Park, during June and July. Two poets are usually featured, reading their original poetry. The outdoor programs held next to poet Joaquin Miller's Cabin are sponsored by The Word Works, and the National Park Service. In 2009, co-directors are Kathi Morrison-Taylor, Rosemary Winslow, and Deborah Ager.

The reading series grew out of these early activities. Karren Alenier founded the Miller Cabin Poetry Series and ran programs there until 1983. Those years are documented in Whose Woods These Are, an anthology of poetry, anecdotes, and photos.

June 9 ---Deborah Bernhardt & Marcela Sulak
June 116 ---Tyler Caroline Mills with Jacklyn Potter Young Poets: Katherine Casey & Baobao Zhang
June 23 ---Chris Goodrich & Nancy Krygowski
June 30 ---Melanie Henderson & Luke Johnson
July 7 --- April Linder & Bonnie Naradzay
July 14 --- George Drew & W. Luther Jett
July 21 --- Cynthia Atkins & Dan Vera
July 28 --- January Gill O'Neil, Joseph O. Legaspi & Joseph Ross

Joseph Legaspi and I are package deal! I'm so excited about this series. Not only is it a great venue with a storied history, I get to return to my favorite place in the world, Washington, D.C.!

Just can't believe we're going to D.C. in July. Yikes! Can you say heat wave?

Hope you can make it.


Sounds like an awesome reading!

I'm looking forward to reading your book.
Odessa said…
oh january, i'm so happy for you! i always associate bryant park with the NYC fashion week (haha) but you reading there is just awesome.

it looks like summer is definitely gonna be a lot of fun!
January said…
Thanks Odessa, Olie.

The Summer 'o Fun is here!
MSal said…
Hi January,

I just discovered your blog and spent a few hours reading your awesome posts! Thanks for letting me know about this series! I live just outside the DC area and can't wait to go!
January said…
Thanks MSal. Nice to meet you, virtually. Hope you meet you in person in DC. Sounds like a terrific series.
Rethabile said…
Boston that day; DC a week later.
January said…
Don't fret. We'll make it work.

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