Quick Hits

TGIF. It's been a wacky one for me. Ella has been under the weather, waking up sick in the middle of the night. I think she's through the worst of it. Ugh, nothing worse than a sick child. Poor baby.


My car is at the shop. Apparently, it needs some part that is—get this—unavailable in the U.S. I mean really, it's not like I'm driving a Bentley! I drive a Subaru, for goodness sake. But if this part can't be found at a junkyard, I may need to buy a car.


Trying not to freak out about the car yet.


Looking forward to a fun weekend with friends. It was supposed to be the weekend we'd get the chance to check out the pool, but the forecast calls for—you guessed it—rain, rain, MF-ing rain! And the reading on Tuesday in Bryant Part. Yep, rain.


Taking the afternoon to continue looking over my manuscript. But I may have to take a nap first.


Have a great weekend! Hope it's warm and dry wherever you are.


Catherine said…
Hope Ella is better soon. And that your car is better soon too.
You could probably get the car part you needed in New Zealand, there are lots of Subarus here.
And no, I'm not warm and dry, it is cold and wet here, with a looming swine flu epidemic (after one Samoan grandmother with limited English spread it to 31 family members, half a dozen schools and preschools etc). Predictions are that 50% of the population will get it. Just what we need in the middle of winter.

(On the other hand, the rain is outside, and I'm inside. That's one good thing, at least)
January said…
Ella seems to be on the mend, thanks. As for my car, I hope to know something soon.

I really should go to NZ and search for the part myself!

The Swine flu is just a strange phenomenon, the price of being a member of a global community.

It's still raining here. It's good to be inside.

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