Getting a Grip on Your Reading Pile

A friend posted this article on FB. I think this career advice works especially well for editors and writers. Here's an excerpt from the blog Penelope's Trunk:

The cocktail party conversations I have about what I do for a living reveals so much about the world. For example, if I say I have an Internet startup, people generally think: She’s unemployed. If I say I write a syndicated newspaper column that runs in 200 papers, people are impressed. If I tell people I’m a blogger, they say, “I don’t have time to read blogs.”

Here’s what I am going to start saying to those people: Only losers say they don’t have time to read blogs. Because everyone has the same 24 hours in the day. So it’s not that you somehow are more busy than everyone else – no one is actually too busy for anything – the issue is that reading blogs is not high enough on your priority list to read them.

So the real response, when I say, “I’m a blogger,” should be “I stay away from blogs so I can shield myself from alternative opinions to mainstream media. And you wouldn’t want to be that person, right? ”


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