Michael Jackson - Beat It

Can you believe it? Michael Jackson ... gone.

Whatever he may or may not have done, he was a talented man. He was always the King of Pop.

R.I.P. Michael.


Anonymous said…
(For Michael Joseph Jackson)
My heart is heavy, as I watch news footage of you
gliding across the stage and gyrating your pelvis,
At this moment in time this is bigger than the Duke,
man, this is bigger than Elvis!
Though you made your living with words, today there
are no words to express the way the world feels,
Right now there is no need to go into your discography because it encompasses valleys and hills.
But where do I begin, should I start with your amazing solo career or should I start with the Jackson 5,
When you were just a cute little boy,
On stage you were talented and outgoing,
Yet off stage you were introspective and coy,
In the 70’s, you put the world into a trance
with your ‘fro and bell bottomed jeans as you did the robot,
Michael, you had everyone at your feet because when
you danced and sang you gave all that you got!
Nat King Cole was a merry ole soul as he sat perched
up against mama’s old wooden phonograph next to Billie Holiday,
Roberta Flack and the Jackson’s Destiny album,
Lord, have mercy you all grew up to be mature, sexy and handsome!
Ooh, wee, or should I say ‘hee hee hee’ about that
pulsating falsetto,
That reached every country, mansion, island, barrio,
prison, hut, suburb, trailer park and ghetto!
I am old school and I remember coming home from school putting on your albums,
These were the days before CD’s, MP3 players, Limewire and IPODS,
Goodness gracious, listening to your music was heaven sent directly from God.
You were a great admirer of the legendary James
It warmed my heart to see you at an award show holding his crown.
You ruled the 80’s with a single glittering iron glove,
Moon walking into the hearts of millions
Moving as gracefully and as freely as a dove.
Newborns coming into the world already know your
Ailing grandparents in their last days know the same.
You were Gary’s finest but the world dubbed you the
‘Gloved One.’
Michael, your legacy is HIStory, DESTINY, OFF THE
BAD and most definitely a THRILLER.
You are the King of Pop the ‘Man In The Mirror’! You
‘rocked our world’ for over 40 years.
You gave us such memorable songs as Who’s Lovin You,
Gotta Be There, Heart Break Hotel, Butterflies, PYT, Billie Jean,
Earth Song, Can You Feel It, Working Day And Night, The Girl Is Mine, Say, Say, Say, and We ‘Remember The Time’ you told us that ‘We Are The World’ and to ‘Ease on Down The Road.’
You sold out football field stadiums and integrated
MTV music videos!
Back in the day we wore your buttons and donned white socks and penny loafers,
Now here we stand today in shock and sadness but we
know your pain is over.
Michael, we miss you and though you said ‘Heaven Can
Wait’, ‘You Are Not
Alone’, and “Human Nature” is the reason ‘I Just
Can’t Stop Loving You.’
You were a great humanitarian a sensitive human
Who came to earth and completed your journey now you
can have eternal rest,
The world loves you ‘Gloved One’ but the Lord truly
knows best.
We ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ to you ‘Lovely One.’

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