A Day in the Life

What does a Poet Mom do when she has a Saturday all to herself?

She goes to Cambridge to the Grolier Poetry Book Shop, the oldest poetry bookstore in the United States (in operation since 1927).

Here I am with General Manager Daniel Wuenschel.

Scenes from a slow-moving car. No, I did not take the photo. This is Boston from the Cambridge side of the Charles River.

And later, I attended the Salem Arts Festival Open Mike, hosted by the lovely and talented J.D. Scrimgeour.

Colleen Michaels

Yours truly.

Jennifer Jean, author of this wonderful article in Art*Throb.

Lastly, let me leave you with this last photo.

This is statue of Elizabeth Montgomery from the television show Bewitched. Yes, that's right, Bewitched ... in the middle of downtown Salem.


Catherine said…
It would be bliss to have a whole bookstore just for poetry here. I don't think there are any in New Zealand.
Collin Kelley said…
Looks like you had a great time. Love the Bewitched sculpture!
Odessa said…
january, you look great! how i wish i can visit that bookstore too, must be like poetry heaven.

i'm glad you had a wonderful time. thanks for sharing. cheers! :)
Maya Ganesan said…
Oh, it looks like you had such a fun time. I wish my days were filled with that much poetry!
January said…
Maya, I wish all of my days were filled with poetry. But I'll glady take a few hours every once in a while.

Hope you had a nice weekend.
January said…
Odessa, Grolier is an amazing place. Lots of history there. Next time I should take a picture of the inside, because it's such a small store.
January said…
Collin, that was the first time I had seen the statue. It's cheesy--fits right into Salem lore.
January said…
Catherine, maybe you should make a pilgrimage to Cambridge someday and see the store for yourself!

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