Oh, What a Night!

If I had to sum up my day in New York, the word magical comes to mind!

I had a wonderful, albeit brief, time in NYC. Spent the day with the lovely and talented Joseph Legaspi.

We had a FABU lunch at The Little Owl. And the building above, I'm told, was used as the exterior apartment shot from the show Friends.

I loved it so much I wanted to marry it.

Went to the High Line, an outdoor elevated park (more on that in a separate post).

And then the reading. Well, first the dress!

These pictures don't do Bryant Park justice. Just knowing that this space exists in NYC makes me happy. I read at the Reading Room, which is an outdoor space where you can plop yourself down and read a book—an outdoor library of sorts.

Teresa Carson was the driving force behind the event.

Joan Cusack Handler, poet and CavanKerry founder.

This park is an oasis in midtown Manhattan. We had a nice crowd at the event, but I can't tell you how many people would stop for a minute, or two, or five, to listen to a little poetry. Every once in a while, a roaring engine or siren passed by, reminding me that this is an urban oasis. It was poetry in the most public of places. Yet, it all felt very real. Interactive—maybe that's the word I'm searching for.

The venue was truly inspiring, so much so, I felt my reading had to rise to the occasion. The night completely surpassed my expectations.

It was one of those nights I feel every poet should have, a few glorious moments to be tucked away for those days when we're filled of doubts, or we've opened one rejection letter too many. The whole event reminded me that there are people who really do appreciate poetry, and give it the space that reflects that appreciation. The Bryant Park Reading Room is one of those spaces.

The stars aligned. The rain stayed away. It was a magical night for poetry.


Collin Kelley said…
Gorgeous photos, gorgeous dress, gorgeous you. Looks like an amazing evening in NYC. Congrats!
Suzie said…
Beautiful! Can't wait to talk in person about it!
Anonymous said…
Love the photos!! And I love the dress. What an amazing night!

What pieces did you read?
Odessa said…
oh january, this post makes me a bit teary-eyed. i'm so happy for you! i la la la love your dress and your make-up and well, everything --- you look gorgeous!

your last paragraph reminds me of what Natalie Goldberg said, that we should just keep the writing practice, because every once in a while comes a perfect moment when everything is just right and you know that you are meant to write.
Wow, that dress is off the chain!

Looked like a fabulous night and I see Joseph has his annual summer haircut!
January said…
Thanks Olie! And yes, Joseph is stylin' in his summer haircut.
January said…
Odessa, thanks for your words. That's exactly how I felt Tuesday night.
January said…
Erin, I read 10 poems, nine of which were from Underlife. Read "How to Make a Crab Cake, "In Praise of Okra," and What Mommy Wants, which always gets a chuckle.


Thanks Suzie and Collin for the kind words.
MSal said…
Congrats, January!

I am looking forward to your reading in DC!
Anonymous said…
what a great opportunity. i'm so glad it went well -- a bonus that the weather cooperated and that the dress was so beautiful. congrats!
Writer Bug said…
It sounds amazing--congratulations! I'm so happy you got to experience such a wonderful poetry moment.
Maya Ganesan said…
Love the dress! Looked like you had one amazing amazing night. What a brilliant opportuntity.
best. dress. ever! You look fantastic!

It all sounds amazing. I'm glad you had a night like that, magical!

thanks for sharing it through words and photos.
Unknown said…
You are so GORGEOUS in that dress!!!

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