June To-Do’s

Goodbye May, hello June!

After a terrific weekend participating in the Bookmobile Fundraisers, a cookout, and time with my girlfriends, my kids, and myself (*smile*), I'm looking ahead to all the good things happening in June. For example, this is pretty cool.

Word for Word Poetry
CavanKerry Press Poerty
Bryant Park Reading Room, NYC

Tuesday, June 23
7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Presenting exceptional works of "poetry and prose" from the writers of CavanKerry Press:

Teresa Carson
Joan Cusack Handler
January O'Neil

If you're around, please stop by. Or just send good vibes my way on June 23!


In May I was so overwhelmed by life, and too many to-do's on my to-do list, to be successful. So here's a slimmed down version of my list.

  1. Organize my second manuscript
  2. Write four poems. My hope is that after organizing the mss, I can write poems to fill the holes in the collection.
  3. Develop a Web site
  4. Send poems out to four publications


Here's a question for you. Is it better to create a Web site, and have my current Poet Mom site as a link on the nav bar? Or should I move to WordPress to handle both Web site and blogging functions?

Your responses are truly appreciated.


Hi January,
I don't know about WordPress, but i'd suggest having a main website for your work/books and have your blog be a link. I have mine set up like that


as I want people looking for my work to find it and I see my blog as just a second feature.
Anonymous said…
I'd say Wordpress – but then I am biased. ;-)

I spent a while with a blog on one site and a website on another, but keeping them both regularly updated was more work than I wanted. I find it useful to have them both combined, and Wordpress does the job well for me.

You can set it up to run as a website with blog or as a blog with webpages. Your choice.
Maya Ganesan said…
Wordpress seems more like a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone option. You can also download templates from the web that allow for "pages" (I know of www.ourblogtemplates.com, for one) -- that's another choice. Ultimately, you decide. Either way would be successful, I think.
January said…
Thanks Maya. I'll check out that link. You are wise beyond your years.

January said…
Jopre, the tough part is that for all its faults, I really like blogger. But WordPress does have a more sophisticated look.

Thanks for stopping by!
January said…
Kelli, your Web site blog has the warm feeling I'm trying to create. Nice, uncluttered layout.

Did you create the site yourself?

(And congrats on winning a Washington State Artist Grant.)
In The Loop said…
I have my collinkelley.com redirecting to my blog so it acts as my main website. I gave up my static website several years ago and never looked back. I'd probably go with WordPress.

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