Weekend Wrap-up

This phenomenal woman came all the way from Texas to see me. Isn't she beautiful?

Her timing was perfect. She came up just when I needed her most. Love you, Special K!


Throughout the weekend, I've been giving the kids a crash course in the music of Michael Jackson. We've watched a few videos, and his songs have been our background music. Alex likes Thriller and Beat It, while Ella is more of a Rock with You kinda gal, like her mother.


Strangely enough, both kids like Say, Say, Say, the MJ-Paul McCartney collaboration. *sigh*


Later today, I'm heading to Starbucks for a little ME time. I have a few things to catch up on, including a grant request and, with any luck, writing the first poem of June.


Anonymous said…
next time she comes to the northeast, i want to meet her! i adore kristi! hi to both of you. so glad you got some BFF time. :)
Collin Kelley said…
"Say Say Say" was one my faves, too, but "Human Nature" remains the highlight of MJ for me.
January said…
I've been listing to MJ almost nonstop since his passing. The music holds up. Even his sappy "Your Are Not Alone" ballads are nice to listen to.
January said…
Carolee, YES! We'll see if we can arrange some sort of get together, somewhere between NY and MA. That would be great!

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