CityLit Festival

After a rainy but stellar night in NYC, I caught the train for the second leg of my trip to Baltimore for the CitiLit Festival at the Pratt Library.

The Pratt is an incredible resource for the city and its people; the festival is just one of the many community-based activities they sponsor year-round. This is same the library system that arranges grocery delivery and pick-up for the community at the branches where access to good quality foods are limited.

On our poetry panel was John Murillo (he puts my busy schedule to shame), Ron Egatz, Paul Nelson, and Shelly Puhak. The panel was hosted by Reginald Harris, who took very good care of us and really did a fine job moderating the event. (Thanks Reggie!)

L to R: John Murillo, Ron Egatz, bust of Edgar Allen Poe, me, and Paul Nelson.


Thanks to Bill Hughes for taking video of the event.

And yes, I was able to eat crab cakes before I left Baltimore!


Splabman said…

Good to meet you & read with you in Charm City. Wish we had more time to hang out afterward. Many blessings,

evelyn.n.alfred said…
Ah, the picture turned out nice. I wasn't sure if I had got all of you in there.

How was Stanley Plumly?
January said…
Evelyn, I thought you looked familiar but I didn't realize it
was you taking the photo! Thanks. Lovely to meet you.

Keep writing!

January said…
Paul, I really enjoyed reading with you and hearing your poems. I hope our paths cross again soon.

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